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It will have escaped no one that it’s CSM campaign season, especially with Ashterothi’s excellent CSM candidate interview series right here on CZ.

It’s one thing to argue your platform on your own, but the true colours of candidates come out when they are exposed to peer debate over high-level topics and questions. This is why the organisers of Statecraft – a Discord server for some of the most influential people in EVE – are arranging an extensive CSM debate, moderated JEFFRAIDER, who you already know and love for his podcast here on Crossing Zebras.

The would-be CSM members will be dragged over the coals as the shakers and moves of Statecraft fire away questions at them.

Statecraft moderator Lazuli Loto has shared this press release with CZ:

“Statecraft is the new Jabberlon5. Jabberlon5 was a Jabber server originally concepted by Vile Rat and utilized by Goonswarm’s Corps Diplomatique as a way to communicate with the leaders of all of New Eden. The implementation of what used to be Jabberlon5’s concept has now been applied to Discord with the name of Statecraft. Leaders throughout New Eden and other “space important” people have been privately invited to participate in the VIP Lounge for various antics, shenanigans, emote fuckery and other diplomatic purposes.

That all said, Statecraft is pleased to announce the first annual Statecraft CSM Debates. Organized by PL’s Doomchinchilla, INN’s Rhivre, and moderated by PL’s Jeffraider. The debate schedules will be provided below and each debate will be streamed live and recordings posted publicly after each debate.

All debate questions to be asked by Jeffraider have been provided by VIPs on the Statecraft Discord. The VIPs are leaders from all corners of New Eden. This includes and is not limited to: nullsec, lowsec, highsec, Factional Wwarfare, wormholes, industry, casual PvP and hardcore PvP. Our goal with the debates is to provide a setting where the VIPs of New Eden are able to query the CSM candidates with their questions and concerns in order to see which candidates they would encourage their membership to support. The CSM candidates also have the opportunity to represent their platform and prove themselves.

Please join us this year for the debates and get to know each candidate that you will be able to vote for this year.”


The first debates will be held on Sunday the 26th, this weekend on JEFFRAIDER’s Twitch channel.

Debate 1, 26-02-17 19:30:

  • Kalen Tsero
  • Fawlty7
  • Steve Ronuken
  • Innominate
  • Roedyn

Debate 2, 26-02-2017 21:00:

  • jonathan reed
  • Noobman
  • Xenuria
  • White Orchid
  • commander aze

Debate 3, 26-02-17 22:30:

  • Suitonia
  • Killah Bee
  • rhiload Feron-drake
  • Dancul1001
  • Toxic Yaken


The next round of debates will be held a week later, on March 5th.

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