Stargazing with the Stargazer – Episode 1 – “The Legends Trial”


Back in June CCP released a dev blog entitled “CCP Is your biggest fan: Call for Player Video Content” in which they asked for player created content to show off on the o7 Show as an ongoing project.

There was a lot of freedom on what the videos could contain, with the only major restrictions being that it was; ideally between 45 seconds and 2 minutes long and that the submission must only contain material belonging to CCP. (Sorry guys, no videos with Taylor Swift in the background)

We have seen some great segments pop up on the o7 show, such as Hendrick Talladar’s o7 Report, showing major supercapital kills and movements across the universe, and Lockefox’s Prosper Market Analysis shows, giving us economic reports for buying and selling across the cluster.

One of the things (as you could probably tell from my earlier videos) is that I really enjoy the aspect of exploration in Eve. No I’m not specifically talking about those random sites that crop up when you deploy probes and look around – I’m talking about the kind of sites that have actual meaning and some sort of history related to them.

New Eden has so many hidden gems

New Eden has so many hidden gems but it’s very rare that I see others visiting them on my travels throughout the cluster. Most of these sites exist for a reason, be it a key location depicted in a story in Eve’s lore, or even historic, player-generated events. Regardless of which, I thought I’d share some of the visuals of these sites with you as most of them look absolutely stunning, and give you a short passage of information about where it is and the story behind it.   

To the best of my abilities I will be planning on trying to make alternating videos, switching between a location that’s part of EVE’s backstory on one show, then on the following show, a location that has been made a part of EVE’s history by a player.

So without any further delay, here’s my first video which premiered on the o7 show 14/08/16- “The Legends Trial”

Lastly, I have to say that this show wouldn’t exist without Mark726’s fantastic website. He has documented his travels across the universe and is the source of the sites for all my travels, so check it out if you want to know about any locations in a region near you!

See you soon and happy travels


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