SMA Avoids Continued Vivisection


Long time Imperium ally, SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA], announced it it’s State of the Alliance that it was departing the the Imperium, and terminating involvement in World War Bee. The announcement came shortly after Lemba, a confessed traitor, and deeply planted spy working for Elo Knight, disclosed another batch of sensitive Illumittani logs. The logs specifically seem to indicate that The Imperium’s top leadership had been discussing how to quietly dispose of, merge, or purge SMA and other allies.

(10:48:04 PM) the_mittani: as people wake up and realize that fizzlesov is a basketball game and not a tug-of-war, the allied defensive hackers will burn out and their logi will fry, as we’ve seen with sma and beginning to see with tnt (10:48:20 PM) the_mittani: they will then ask us to widot instead of us suggesting it and them being offended (10:49:29 PM) querns: but as long as we’re aware of potential bleed there and can do stuff to staunch it using the wonderful dressings that is goonswarm federation poaching then we are doing good

The Imperium released an official statement via the shortly after ExRiver, CEO of SMA announced in his State of the Alliance that SMA would be departing, accusing Lemba of selectively editing the logs. “As per the amazing and heavily-edited ~lemba illum leaks~ we’ve been planning to offer our allies a place to boosh to, so if folks from SMA want to stick with the Imperium and the war, have your CEOs hit up corps diplo; we’ve been discussing as a part of fizzlesov mechanics for a while now – which is why SMA announced this very thing in their SOTA moments ago.” Listen to the Soundcloud recording of the SMA alliance meeting here.


Monkey Money Matters

ExRiver began by addressing rumors of corporate theft. He informed his members that over Ƶ1 trillion had been transferred to his personal wallets for safe keeping, and to deter alliance thieves only set amounts of ISK had been made available for departmental use. ExRiver went on to state that build materials for for future citadels had been successfully evacuated to safer space and were also secure in his personal stockpile of assets. Given the fact that just over two years ago SMA was robbed of over Ƶ600 billion in assets, coupled with the volatile state of the alliance for the past 6 months, this is not a surprising move by the CEO of SMA.

Shrinking Habitats and Funding for Itinerant Space-Dwellers

According to ExRiver, CEO of SMA, the current sovereignty system is broken because the defensive force is heavily undermined by the fact that an enemy can pile in greater numbers for effect than the defender. He also said that sub-capitals are essentially worthless for defensive fleets. SMA’s sovereignty in the Fade and Pure Blind region have been all but wiped out since the beginning of World War Bee. SMA once claimed ownership of nearly 50 systems, but that number has fallen by nearly 80% since February. While defending their sovereignty, and participating in strategic Imperium fleets, SMA has lost over Ƶ700 Billion in ships in the past two months. Most of it due to heavy fighting throughout northwest New Eden. The Moneybadger Coalition [MBC] has inflicted heavy casualties on SMA in the past week as SMA attempted to evacuate capital ships and other high value assets from failing staging systems to Saranen, in the Lonetrek region, that serves as the staging system for The Imperium.

Distressed Primates Escape the Imperium Vivisection Labs

SMA has lost approximately 50% of it’s Skyteam, while it’s Diplomatic Corps has essentially been gutted by defections. Many of those who have departed expressed a variety of reasons for their departure – from dissatisfaction with leadership to a desire for smaller scale PvP gameplay.


In general numbers SMA was once home to over 5,000 members, and some 80+ corporations. As of today, those numbers have diminished to 42 corporations, and just over 2,000 members. View the DOTLAN stats here.

Eating Bananas in Outer Ring

ExRiver goes on to say that SMA has been left in a lurch and scattered, with FCs having to beg for members to join fleets. In his summary of the military situation, SMA was not really fighting World War Bee at all, had suffered a fatal brain and manpower drain, and to continue on would lead to a slow death of SMA.

“…ExRiver was forced to make the very difficult decision and announce that he was pulling SMA out of World War Bee, and the Imperium.”

Due to the pressures from within and without, ExRiver was forced to make the very difficult decision and announce that he was pulling SMA out of World War Bee, and the Imperium. The plan is currently for SMA is to rebuild themselves over the next few months in a region far less ravaged by the war. While in Outer Ring, SMA plans to run missions and anomalies, online citadels, and generally roam wild in their new home. One thing that was made perfectly clear is that SMA was not going to be using their super-capitals and that members should be very wary about undocking capitals until transit could be better organized.


Amicable Parting with the Imperium

SMA and the Imperium will retain blue status with one another, and both parties seem hopeful that a stronger SMA will return to the Imperium in the future once they are in a better position. ExRiver sounds hopeful that such a reunion will happen later, once the war has ended or SMA is in a better fighting position. Imperium leadership, and dozens of GSF corporations have graciously opened their doors to SMA members who wish to to remain in the imperium and violently fling feces at the MBC hordes assaulting the north-west. It is not known how many corporations or SMA members will join the Imperium, but negotiations  as of yesterday point to anywhere from 5-7 SMA corps in negotiations to join GSF. New Eden’s political landscape is changing more rapidly than it has in years as the hell war marches on. Something people seem to forget about monkeys is though – they’re resilient creatures with a knack for survival. SMA has in these dire situations before as an alliance, and always bounced back a much more cohesive and dedicated group of friends. We wish them all the best, fly dangerously monkeys.

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