Skillpoint Trading

By now I assume most people have seen the dev blog posted here about the new skillpoint trading system. I understand this is a very controversial topic and I know a lot of people will not be happy with it or outright rage about it. However this is one of the things that I personally support and I might be one of the few CSM members who does, the other council members will have to speak for themselves.
“There has been a thing called the Character Bazaar for a long time now that already allows you to buy SP with ISK.”
Allow me to explain. First off, let me tackle the most prominent argument of this being “pay 2 win” for some reason. There has been a thing called the Character Bazaar for a long time now that already allows you to buy SP with ISK. People should also remember that the SP you are buying are not appearing out of thin air. This is a key element of the proposed system that a lot of people seem to miss. Someone has to put the time down to train the SP in the first place, and the rewards diminish steeply as you go up towards higher SP, effectively creating an SP sink for the game. The system would also allow newer pilots to respec their skillpoints and change their skills if they mess up. Being able to follow the meta by respeccing to whatever doctrines your current alliance is using will be huge and is very good for newer players. I think the proposed system will affect the price of focused characters on the Bazaar greatly. This is a good thing seeing how say a focused dreadnaught pilot character can cost over 20b, sometimes close to 30b. It will also bring the price of unfocused high SP characters up by allowing potential buyers to strip away the bad or unwanted SP and sell that, mitigating their overall expenses. You can also use the tradeable SP to move a character up in the next “tier” of character pricing by buying a battleship alt and making it into a dread pilot or buying a Tengu character and using some SP to convert it into a link alt.


Things of concern

The intervals are currently proposed as follows: ss+(2015-10-15+at+06.39.19) As the devblog states, these are all numbers that can change, but I would really want more levels here for a more more granular application. Perhaps it should be scaled like so: (millions of SP) 0-10, 10-30, 30-50, 50-80 and finally 80+, in order to minimize the leaps between increments of diminishing returns. Another thing I really want to see is what pricing levels CCP decides to put these at and how they will impact the price of PLEX. Seeing as how the Transneural Skill Packets are at the moment at a relatively low SP level of 500k, I really don’t think they will be that expensive. A lot of people seem to think that this will kill the Character Bazar, but I honestly believe this iteration will just make it more focused and lower the price of characters in general. It will also not kill the market for high SP alts.


I strongly disagree with the notion of skillpoint trading being the end of EVE and think it is evident that this will be good for the game once you think about it a little further. It has the potential of corporations being able to use their ISK to create newbie skillpoint packages to give to new players. It will allow your doctrines be a bit more fluid and give people the opportunity to respec into whatever doctrines are being used. I am not afraid of any added volatility in the PLEX market and I would love to see the overpriced focused character market go down a bit. The Bazaar right now has an artificial economy because of the time/sp spent on PLEX. If someone wants to spend AUR to add SP to a character to make a more focused one, they have to compete in price with people who know how to farm characters. This will bring the price down until a baseline cost is eventually hit.
“People keep spamming “pay 2 win”, but I honestly don’t know what they are talking about.”
People keep spamming “pay 2 win”, but I honestly don’t know what they are talking about. This is similar to dumping money into PLEX and buying a link alt, fancy implants and/or a blinged out ship. Like ISK, SP alone will not win you fights. It took me a week to get 10b and buy Gorski Car, but it would have taken me two years to train him from scratch.  
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About the author

Gorski Car

Gorski Car was a CSM 9 member whose theorycrafting and knowledge of mechanics has had a key role in helping CCP adjust how we play EVE. He is an avid small gang PvPer with a background in lowsec, but flies in all areas of space, depending on his fancy.

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  • Dirk MacGirk

    The only place I disagree (I think) is what these Neural Extractors may eventually cost. Regardless of how CCP prices them in Aurum, the market will decide what they are worth. And that could make them prohibitively expensive. But either way, this isn’t some game-breaking feature. Players can jump up and down and debate this on some principle that was lost years ago with the introduction of PLEX, but the fact is that this is some serious Chicken Little shit going on right now. P2W, P2W oh noes. It ain’t P2W. People just don;t like hearing that there is something that sounds like $ for SP. But that has already existed, no matter how people want to split hairs over how this is “different”

    • Freelancer117

      So this is what happens when most of your talent leaves the Company and goes to work for RIOT or others.

      • Kamar Raimo

        You mean people like Dolan and Soundwave? Yeah they did an amazing job.

        • Freelancer117

          Just wait till CCP Seagull and CCP Masterplan leave 🙂

          • Kamar Raimo

            We shall see. If and when that happens I’ll concede. Round on me included.

    • AFK

      If the price becomes prohibitive it will defeat its purpose which is to be affordable and used by (genuine) new players. If it doesn’t bump retention rate and PCU drops again they will be back to the drawing board toot sweet.

      “$29.95 for a pack of 10 Ancient Drifter Crystals. Convene with one ancient crystal to boost one skill to level 5.”

      • JZ909

        This has to give a significantly better rate of return on real-world money than PLEX or it just won’t work; people will simply buy PLEX instead. If CCP makes it cheap (in terms of real-world money) to sell SP, a lot of people will probably do it and prices may be reasonablish. If not, prices will be very high.

        Either way, the prices will almost certainly be out of the ballpark of newer players that aren’t will to PLEX or sell their souls to people who will buy SP for them.

        Is that pay to win? Maybe, maybe not, but I’m sure that’s how it will be perceived by new players.

    • cypc

      You don’t buy free skillpoints on the character hazard, you buy a character, with a name, an history, a killboard, standings, that are not your, these huge downsides keeping players to abuse of it.
      Now allow anybody to throw $ when they want to get skill points, and you just crossed the thin line of pay to win.
      The only way to fix that would be to block SP injection for > 30M SP characters

      • Kenny Dalglish

        this is exactly the type of bullshit that makes it impossible to take you people seriously. frankly i hope it makes you all quit, because you are aids.

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    CCP have created a method for alliances to buy SP to dish out to pilots.

    That’s going to end well.

    • Dirk MacGirk

      SRP can now become SPRP. We can be paid in skillpoint coupons or ISK.

      • Clerical Terrors

        In order to do that they will either need to massively buy out all of the available SP cans or create specific SP farming accounts, the ISK investement needed for that would be significantly higher then regular SRP. I don’t think even the CFC could manage to keep such a thing afloat for long.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this, was to buy a few just in case I had an awful run in T3s.

    • Grath

      You’re fucking dumb, if we were going to do that we’d do it now. Got a guy you want in but he’s low on sp? Why not take a trip to the bazaar and buy him a new alt.

      What you’re suggesting doesn’t happen though does it, so how does this change that?

      • JZ909

        It allows alliances to buy SP in small, manageable chunks rather than 30 billion ISK toons.

        • Grath

          why would we want small manageable chunks when we can buy ready made fully functional alts already?

          what you’re suggesting is dumb as hell and a waste of time considering diminishing returns

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        Are you saying alliances at one point weren’t buying super/titan pilots?

        Maybe you are right and large rich alliances won’t find a way to use a process that allows them to recycle skill points for ISK to give them an alliance wide competitive advantage.

        As an individual the ability to spin up an alt for something like faction warfare, pump it with SP and then zoom around for a while – then recycle the whole thing into a new alt is attractive.

        I just think if they do it they need a way to restrict how often you can consume it. Someone suggested that it should consume a remap which seemed interesting.

        • Too old for nonsense

          I think consuming a remap is a GREAT idea !!!

        • Grath

          Im telling you that alliances don’t commonly buy their members alts at all. They may chip in and help a popular/useful guy but they’re not out there doing it on a regular basis.

    • Clerical Terrors

      How would they do that when the mechanics specifically state the SP can’t be created out of thin air and represent less then what the invested SP is? I’m sorry but I fail to see how that can be organized in a fashion where the costs would not outweigh the benefits.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        You’re saying that under this method it’s not possible to buy SP and stockpile it?

        • Too old for nonsense

          I think the method exists already via the Char Bazaar.

          My initial reaction was EXACTLY as most people: “Pay to win – Argh…”

          Then I thought “wait a minute, alliances can buy chars off the bazaar & hand out if they want and so can individuals.”

          I’m still on the fence but I dont think it’s a horrible idea to start with.

        • Knobber

          Someone has to lose SP for someone else to gain it. It’s not a faucet but a sink.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            I’m not debating that it is creating SP from thin air.

            My very simple point is that this allows large groups to remap on mass to overcome any changes in the meta. Indeed if they wish to they’ll be able to stockpile SP in it’s raw form and give/sell to pilots if they need them to change quickly.

            This is how the suggestion is different from the Bazaar. If you asked 20 pilots to get into command ships it would take time to source them from the market. With this model those 20 could inject the required SP into an appropriate alt.

            I don’t know if it’s a good or bad idea – time will tell. I does however have potential to be exploited on a grand scale.

            I can’t see why they don’t go the whole way and let you remap for X number of plex.

  • Cosmo

    As a guy that back in the day (2005-2006?), before we had character bazaars and such, felt the pressing need to illegally buy an account with a focused ‘starter’ character with 6-7 million SP just to skip the fucking Learning skills for something like 150$.. i am all for this to reach Tranquility.


    hope they don’T do it

  • Freelancer117

    I had no idea CCP Games is financially hurting so bad they have to pull a stunt like this.

    It only aggravates most of their current customer base into spending their money elsewhere.

    Regards, a Freelancer

    PS: CCP Seagull response to my question about this grey area bullshit !

  • Kamar Raimo

    One thing this will end up achieving is even more of the “throwing ISK at the problem” method that is widely employed by the wealthy alliances when it comes to their newly recruited players. That means you get even more players who have the skillpoints to fly stuff they have no business undocking in the first place because they have no idea about how to fly it. There is no replacement for learning EVE the hard way and people who are not already experienced will end up even more on ALODs except if they are in massive fleets where they just survive on numbers alone.

    More of the same, nothing new to see here.

    • Messiah Complex


    • Grindelo

      See I don’t think that is a problem. If I were a new player I wouldn’t want to fly frigate PvP like every fucking reddit thread says, but I’d want to fly battleships, or cruisers. Maybe in due time I’d realize that “big-ship” PvP is nothing for me and move on. Since I could then reallocate my SP for frigates, this would be no problem.

    • Iroido Soner

      How is this any different than the current system? Using the character bazaar is essentially buying SP with ISK at the expense of other players time.
      There’s also no substitute for learning eve the hard way. Let them undock those ships and learn the hard way, it’ll allow them to be more receptive to a mentor.

    • Solaris Vex

      So people who think they can pay2win become shiny kills? Sounds good to me.

  • JZ909

    The only thing I can think of with this is brutal economic warfare. It will be the most sought after resource in the game. Imagine the power of an organization like the Goons, that can take years of moon-mining income and can turn that into SP incentives to low-mid SP toons, both making their fleets stronger and providing a dramatic recruiting/retaining tool.

    • Kamar Raimo

      Yeah, I wish them the best expanding their empire of players who can only swim in the deep end with water wings

      • JZ909

        It’s easier to entice FCs when you can guarantee that they will get full logistics wings and plenty of dictor pilots. Individual skill becomes less important the more people you have. With a decent training program, you can teach newbs to play tollerably at a narrow function over a couple of weekends, but would have to wait weeks or months for them to get the SP to fly that logi cruiser or interdictor.

        • Kamar Raimo

          Yep, I’m not disagreeing with anything you say there. Throw more numbers at it, throw more ISK at it. Like I said, nothing new.

          • JZ909

            Except before you had an effective limit on how much money you could spend on a fleet. Now you won’t.

          • Kamar Raimo

            I’m not sure I understand that. Please elaborate.

          • JZ909

            Say you have 100 players with the skills to fly a top-tier fleet doctrine. Once you buy them all ships and maybe some cheap implants you can’t really pay to get them much more effective. Sure, there’s faction/deadspace modules, but supply is extremely restricted and it’s perishable. However, if you can give pilots SP, you can turn that 100 man fleet into a 150 man fleet, and while supply may still be limited, that change is permanent.

          • Ben Ishikela

            You can do this already, but new model will be more efficient.

            No (@150man), it is not permanent.
            Morale becomes more important than ever.
            Imho that is a key change to boost the game’s subs.

          • JZ909

            That is another pretty valid way to look at it. It’s a great way for CCP to make money. They make money as SP goes up, and make it as it goes down, and I see that as I good thing. I want CCP to be able to hire smart people and buy fancy stuff to make my spaceship game better.

            However, this is pretty big blow for players like me who like the independence EVE can provide. I don’t fly in F1 blob SRP fleets to save some czar’s income source. I fight who I please, with people I like, in a ship I paid for and can replace with my own money. My boss tells me what to do at work IRL; I like independence in my games.

            Now, there will be yet another reason to join the mindless masses of F1 SRP fleets and my kind will be put at an SP disadvantage.

          • Ben Ishikela

            Hmmm. The “mindless masses of F1 SRP fleets” need the SP to be able to compete. Thats another point, why making SP-amount visible to everyone would be a nice feature.
            Economic warfare is key gameplay in EVE.

            How much SP needed to have a Slicer All5?

          • I do not know your history, but before becoming a solo player I was also a F1 monkey. I left the nullsec alliances mostly because of the B0tlrds accords and chose to become fully independent and defend that play style. I was trained by a feeder training corp for a big bloc, got SRPs and paplinks and still they did not manage to keep me invested in their power struggles, when I realized that playing “their” game was not doing much for me anymore. I would say those that defect will also have higher SP 🙂

          • Kamar Raimo

            I get it, yes that’s true. Of course the skillpoints have to come from somewhere too, but I don’t think it will be a problem for larger alliances to have permanent skillpoint farms running.

        • Each of these newly trained pilot still have their own decision-making once trained. Some will remain loyal little soldiers helping fill the pockets of their leaders, other will find ways once trained to turn things to their own benefit, either by becoming independent or turning on their previous masters. Seeing skill points as a commodity that is more flexible than the current character bazaar will not change the game much, really. It *will* help the newer players to participate to the larger picture faster at a cost for them (commitment to a larger group or wallet funding) and this is very good for all of us.

  • Kara

    Pay 2 Win????? Sorry, but beeing able to fly a ship doesn’t mean you can fly a ship.

    Youtube is full of videos where low SP pilots manage to win against pilots with much more SP, because they are flewn by a Gamer knowing what he does.

    • JZ909

      This is pay-to-win for empires, not individual players.

      • Kamar Raimo

        Empires are already pay2win

        • JZ909

          Not really. When all the major empires effectively have unlimited funds, they have to find some other way to gain an advantage. The Goon sea of blue doesn’t exist because they outspend other fleets. They don’t go cheap, but they aren’t exactly the only people that can pay for T2/3 cruiser fleets either.

          They win because they created enough incentives for people to join and stay with them so that they can drop a gazillion ships on a problem.

          This just gives them access to another resource, except that they can potentialy control the entire SP market, and its value is unlikely to diminish, unlike ISK.

          • Kamar Raimo

            They won the fountain war by – among other things – outspending TEST.

          • JZ909

            I thought no one wins wars in Fountain 🙂 That was before my time, so I’ll take your word for it.

          • Kamar Raimo

            TBH, I am guilty of hyperbole to a degree there, but it is on record that while both parties suffered immense losses, the SRP program of TEST was eventually bled dry while the CFC’s pockets were still deep enough to keep theirs going.

            Of course, through long-term conditioning nobody in a major nullsec alliance turns up to a stratop if it isn’t SRP’d and so TEST fleet participation dwindled.

          • JZ909

            Thanks for the bit of EVE history! I didn’t know that.

            If cost is a real concern, than I doubt this will be an issue. It’s just that will long-established power blocs like the Goons, I kind of doubt cost will be a real concern.

          • Urziel99

            Mountains of isk, Hangars full of ships. Billions of SP, All are meaningless without capable pilots. CFC/Imperium has these former in enough supply to get by with a lower quality of the latter. Test didn’t have as much of either.

          • Knobber

            Two points – Goons do outspend. Fountain was won on finances. The other point is the control of the SP market is dictated by who is willing to recycle a characters SP in a system of diminishing returns. Yes, Goons could buy up all the SP available but that source will run dry or get exponentially more expensive as time goes by.

    • Kamar Raimo

      Exactly. I know guys who can kill Garmurs with a T1 frigate because they are simply better at the game, and that’s something you can’t buy.

  • Jester

    Your logic is so poor it can be refuted with what is in the dev blog alone. The difference between character bazaar and this very bad idea is CONSEQUENCES.

    Look in the dev blog. The current CCP Rise bought the character Kil2. He instantly adds 20 million SP for the expenditure of some ISK. Everyone wins, right? Only what is the *very next thing* he mentions in the dev-blog? The character had a history as a corp thief *which made it more difficult for him to join a corp!*

    That’s the result of his choice having CONSEQUENCES.

    With the new system, you just go out and buy 20 million SP. Consequences avoided. That is not the EVE that I signed up for.

    • Kamar Raimo

      In that particular case that is true, but what about all the accounts groomed to be triage pilots, super pilots, jump freighter pilots you name it. They have been sitting in some NPC corp and been trained for the single purpose of being sold on the market.

      Not all bought accounts come with a history, and as someone who has engaged in brisk identity switching by buying accounts in the past I can tell you: those who buy accounts without checking the background are naive anyway.

    • Andrew Metzger

      You can use ISK and PLEX to avoid all kinds of consequences, 99% of the toons sold in the bazaar are born and bred just to sell where are CONSEQUENCES for the people who buy them?

    • Old salt not needed

      You’re a moron.

      Earlier this year I sold a perfect scanning and stealth bomber pilot on the character bazaar that I had been training up for the past year or so. He only ever undocked to move from start system to Jita.

      That character had no history whatsoever. He could have gone to any random guy. Perhaps I sold him to a well known awoxer/ganker/who cares?

      There is literally no difference here. Move along, you’re past your use by date.

    • Knobber

      The consequence is that someone else has to lose a huge amount of SP for that smaller gain.

    • Clearly Stupid

      To be fair though if Rise did a little background checking before hand that would of been avoided and he could of simply bought another, there are far too many train to sell chars out there for this to really be a problem.

  • AFK

    If the game was at full health and still growing steadily this would never be considered. The pros and cons are irrelevant. This is a last ditch attempt to retain new customers and it ain’t subtle. Not that it will work better than their last 325345 attempts at new player retention.

    • Tornike Khomeriki

      One of the reasons why this game hasn’t progressed fast past its initial half a million subscribed accounts is that new players are faced with the “train for months do fill a role you’re interested in” wall.

    • Well done

      Yeah true that mate. They must be moving to new, better and more expensive server hardware and incorporating “Brain in a Box” to facilitate the end of days.

      Please unsubscribe you will not be missed.

  • Kamar Raimo

    One question Gorski: How long did it take you to properly *use* the skills on your character?

    For example, I inherited a trading and industry toon from a friend. I don’t know shit about how to properly do industry, manufacturing and trading for profit. All those skillpoints could just as well not be there. It would probably take me months if not longer to make use of that character for anything else than a very high skilled hauler and T1 producer for personal use which I am using her for now.

    So how much time did you spend *becoming* Gorski Car after *buying* Gorski Car?

  • guest

    It is a shame that CCP is listening to fools like Gorski when it comes to how to make a successful game. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that being able to liquidate your characters skill and trade them is completely stupid.

    • Kamar Raimo

      It’s quite a mouthful to call Gorski a fool. He may be wrong about this particular issue-as far as I am concerned myself the jury is still out-but he certainly isn’t a fool. I have talked with him at length on several issues and he usually thinks things through very well and has a keen understanding of balance.

      Like I said though, I am not sure about this one yet. I don’t like forming opinions about things before I have enough data and have slept over it.

      • guest

        Anyone who thinks that this is going to be a good for the game is a fool. I am sorry if that offends, Gorski may have done some good in the past but this idea would bring about the death of the game. Probably a slow and painful death but still death. There seems to be no understanding in this article of the difference between buying a character from the bazaar and buying unallocated SP.

        • Andrew Metzger

          Because there IS NO difference.

          • Ben Ishikela

            There is a difference. (example: theft record).
            The history of a character may lower or raise the price of his skillpoints. This also acts as an incentive to avoid “distrustful” actions with a character. ….. IN THEORY…. however, there are too many naive players out there. But i cant judge them, because its a totaly different metagame of how to hide, rebuy and all those scam-things. The guy that has more experience in this matter than a victim can still do his thing unchanged. So if one knows that mechanic, the above effect is nearly neglegible. But its still there for some.

            How much would you pay for “chribba” or (now that he has a CSMrecord) “Gorski Car” for example?

          • Andrew Metzger

            The identity travelling with the character was never an intended balance point, and in todays age where raising and selling toons is literally an industry it’s likely the character you buy wont so much as have a single lossmail. Shit, people who PLEX these characters log in once to train cybernetics 3 and set up the skill queue and than once a month for fifteen minutes to inject the new skills.

        • Sapere Audde

          If you’re not even going to bother to explain why the fuck you think this is the case, other than “DIS GAI DUNNO WHAT HE TALKIN BOUT!” , then maybe you should just sit this one out eh?

          I mean, you’re completely wrong, but I guess irrationally fingering your keyboard is your MO.

    • Andrew Metzger

      Really, like a solid 70% of the people against this don’t even bother to articulate an argument. The other 30% are the “PAY2WIIN!!!111” fools.

  • Ben Ishikela

    Nice to see thoughts on the matter, that have and provide insight.

    There has always been a “blackmarket” of SP around the game. But with all these games (where accumulation is key) (mostly MMOs) there is a need for “Money-Sink”s. The new concept implements that Sink finaly.
    Also, the new SP-trading is way more controllable.

    For all you “Pay2Win!!11” guys out there:
    Yes, Eve has a “Golden Ammo”-phenomenon. No denying that. But please go the second step also and see, that…
    1) .. this is boosting the economic part of the game, that most games dont have.
    2) .. there is risk involved, that most games dont have.
    3) .. EVE gets closer to RL because of the above than any game i ever played.(Alliance level example: Compare US-Military funds to Goon’s funds and their power) (Solo Pilot example: Take a Sniper with his expensive “L115A3 AWM” and a random Guy in Rags with just a Knife. Now compare them to a “Big Miker” with PithX-typeXtraLargeArmorRepair+Snakes and the random NPC-Corp-Toon in a T1destroyer.) maybe its not called a game anymore then? meh idc.
    4) .. “winning” is not defined by EVE! Thats your job.
    5) .. “Earning ISK” however is. So please fly efficient next time. …
    (… or dont *grinning at loot*.
    In the end, its more like Poker and you wouldnt complain about “p2w” there, would you?

    There is one concern thou. What about that younger characters get more fights in FW-space now. Will this still be true then? Would the ability to see the SP-Amount on the C-Info help?

  • Ben Ishikela

    “As the devblog states, these are all numbers that can change, but I would really want more levels here for a more more granular application. Perhaps it should be scaled like so: (millions of SP) 0-10, 10-30, 30-50, 50-80 and finally 80+, in order to
    minimize the leaps between increments of diminishing returns.”
    The point of TeamSizeMatters is maybe to have that stable 50milSP mark.
    Here is a Plot of what could be done. Follow the Red Line. Every EFT warrior in EVE should know how to read Gunnery Graphs. xD–

  • Good Apollo

    This is not pay to win. But it will not help retain players as much as one would hope.

    Imagine how tough it will be training 3 week olds in dreads what seige red means. Or how many of those will not have fuel.

    Players that are going to try eve and quit are still going to try eve and quit. CCP will be able however to extract more $ from them before they go.

    Also re corps… Everyone who isn’t a big big alliance might instead of providing newbs a skill training package just change to telling recruits they need 20m sp around X or Y doctrines. Come back when you’ve bought that. So nubs buy more plex or aurum to do so. CCP makes more money.

    It’s a nice thought that having a month old character in a T2 strategic cruiser is good for new players, I mean cool ships are cool don’t get me wrong. But what happens when that player loses it? Hasn’t spent time learning anything about how to be self sufficient. Has to buy plex.

    In big alliance sure there is SRP, good folks tell you how and where to rat. But that’s not everyone. All folks are not in big alliances. So when these folks lose their dreadnaught or what not, comes back to giving $ directly to CCP.

    This is a money grab. It’s not pay to win. I do like the idea of new ppl getting to fly fun ships sooner, but I don’t think this change addresses that issue. I think this change allows CCP to extract more $ from new players before those new players either quit or stay.

    • Kamar Raimo

      You might actually be on to something there. Monetisation of the existing playerbase has progressed lately with the SKIN system and this could serve as a way to expand on that *especially* if you get players who peer pressure others into buying skill packs so they can become one of the “cool guys”

      • Good Apollo

        Yep. And CCP knows it. Upside for them is more money from people who will drop out… age old marketing questions, What Else Can We Sell Them – answered.

  • Freelancer117

    Why can’t we capsuleers reprocess the corpses into very small amounts of un-allocated skill points, since we are talking about brain tissue grafts.


    To the victor the spoils right, and there is no clearer victory then Death 🙂

    Regards, a Freelancer

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