Seventy two hours. Thirteen streamers. Two great causes.


Like to watch ships explode and chat with other EVE players? Want to help people and kids in need? Do both! Elise Randolph is here to tell you about EVEathon. – Niden

From Friday morning to Sunday evening, thirteen of Eve’s finest streamers will be getting together to do a continuous seventy-two hour stream.  The reason? To support and raise awareness for two great causes: Spam4Heals and Care4Kids.

broadcast 4 reps

Spam4Heals is a group that supports Broadcast4Reps and Best of Us, two Eve organizations that raise awareness and provide resources for suicide prevention to gamers and veterans alike.  All out-of game funds will go directly to Spam4Heals.


Care4Kids is an Eve foundation created to help children and their families while they are attending hospitals. All in-game funds will go directly to this great cause.

Eve’s first ever continuous seventy-two hour stream will be hosted by Eve’s finest streamers featuring a wide variety of content, including:  solo PvP, NPSI fleets, AMA’s, Q&A’s, PvE, & Exploration – there will be something for everyone!  



  • BjornBee



  • Chocolate Rahne



  • ChristopherWoW / Icer



  • Elise Randolph



  • Lazarus Telraven



  • Lysus



  • Mr Mail Lite



  • Nortemshine



  • scaredpanda



  • ShwingShwing



  • Suitonia



  • Yolo Swagtron



  • Zarvox Toral



The stream starts at 00:00 GMT Friday – Thursday evening for Americans and Friday afternoon for our AUTZ brethren – and ends 23:59 GMT Sunday.  When the stream goes live you can check it out here:  Feel free to join the in-game channel “EVEathon” for more information about the event, and keep up with our shenanigans on Twitter with the hashtag #EVEathon.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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