Seleene’s Sandbox – Episode 2 with CCP Manifest and CCP Falcon


Greetings, everyone! For my second show I decided to take a step outside of the virtual world and talk to two of the people that keep the EVE community moving forward.

CCP Falcon – EVE Universe Community Manager: Falcon is “one of us” in every sense of the word. He’s been playing the game since it was in Beta, was CEO of one of the most famous pirate corps in EVE and has risen through the ranks of CCP to his current position.

CCP Manifest – Senior PR Lead: This man has seen the EVE community at it’s best and worst.  Working to market EVE from the time of the White Wolf merger in 2006, through the controversy of Incarna, to the current successful Citadel expansion – Manifest has weathered ALL the storms.

In getting ready for this, I tried to think of questions that would cover as much ground as possible in the time we had available. While I didn’t get all the answers I wanted, the answers I got were informative and well presented. There is a little something for everyone in this episode!

Seleene’s Sandbox – Episode 2 with CCP Manifest and CCP Falcon

Some of the stuff in this episode:

  • Who are these guys?
  • Fanfest & player gatherings – past, present and future.
  • CCP Manifest confuses Suddenly Spaceships and Suddenly Ninjas.
  • The future of the Alliance Panel and other player-centric events.
  • Falcon talks about the proposal for an in-game Memorial for players no longer with us.
  • How and why has CCP changed so much over the past few years?
  • CCP, World War Bee and “bending the knee”.
  • The return of Darius Johnson and the “Goonswarm” name controversy. What about BoB?
  • Big in-game events involving players – will we see them again?
  • How healthy is EVE? Subscribers numbers, etc…?
  • The CSM and the Community Team.
  • What is CCP’s view of players using out of game methods to affect in-game events?
  • Shoutouts and a special video.

My apologies for going a bit fanboy at the end of this; Verone / Falcon was always one of my old heroes. 🙂

Opening Music: Santa Esmeralda – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Closing Music: Unheilig – Herzland

Old School EVE Video of the Week:

Episode I – Early Conflicts – June 2006 – Players today are spoiled by the incredible trailers that CCP has put out in the past several years. However, eye candy like that did not used to exist. Getting the footage, much less editing it into something nice, was not easy. This video, made by Verone of VETO Corp, has a heavy EVE lore element to it, along with a haunting soundtrack and excellent visuals. Enjoy!


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