Seleene’s Sandbox – Episode 1: Behind The Iron(bank) Curtain


Hello, all!  I’m Seleene and this is my first podcast on Crossing Zebras called Seleene’s Sandbox! My intent is to try for at least an episode every two weeks, unless I manage to grab onto some interesting people or they grab me… or something amazing happens in game and people just want to talk about it. Basically, I’ve been told I can talk about stuff as much as I want so this is a pretty great gig!

I’ve been playing EVE since the servers went live in 2003 and have worked hard to check all the proverbial boxes. I’ve been an alliance leader, CCP Game Designer, CSM Chairman and probably some other titles that aren’t fit for printing here. My hope with this show is to cover both in and out of game events and try to do so from a unique perspective by seeking out super awesome guests that will keep your attention.

This first episode was recorded on Sunday, May 1st, 2016.  Apologies for the delay but I’ll work to have these out within a couple days of recording in the future. My guests for the inaugural show were a who’s who of behind the scenes organization for World War Bee (because that’s the actual name of the war):

  • Sabre A – Mercenary Coalition
  • SUAS – Omega Security Syndicate
  • Lenny Kravitz – The guy that funded World War Bee

Some of the stuff in this episode:

  • How did the war start?
  • What role did each of these guys play?
  • Just how much money did Lenny spend on all these nerds?
  • What made you all believe this could be done?
  • OSS built the first null sec citadel!
  • How about that Darius Johnson guy?
  • Are MC dirty sov holders?
  • Shoutouts!!

Opening Music: Son of a Preacher Man
Closing Music: Seleene Transvestite

Old School EVE Video of the Week:

EVE Never Fades – September 2005 – Zond3 from M. Corp, who later became CCP’s lead video producer, published this masterpiece of a trailer. At the time this was actually a PLAYER made video and landed Zond3 a job.  Watch it and you will see why. If you’ve never seen this, take five mins and be amazed at what EVE used to look like.

Links from the Show:
SUAS’s Soundcloud Library


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Mercenary Coalition leader, formerly of Pandemic Legion and former CSM Chairman and CCP dev.

  • Caleb Ayrania

    Nice new podcast. btw Seleenes author pic is not loading, not sure if that is some meta kudos to EVE mechanics. 🙂

    • Niden

      Nah, he just doesn’t have a Gravatar account set up yet.

  • Provi Miner

    LOL I saw Sabre A’s name and that dam song just won’t stop LOL I so wish to know if its true….

  • Please don’t DJ

    Podcasters – don’t assume that your listeners want to hear your idea of good music. Talk.

    • cloaky sniper raven

      It’s their show man, you don’t like it get your own show and put all or none of your own favorite music on.

      Jeezuz, people.

      • Please don’t DJ

        Sure, it’s “their show,” but it’s out there for the public. The point was NO MUSIC, not my music.

        • Lady Spank

          How dare people do what they like and then have the audacity to release it for free to THE PEOPLE in a form that displeases those without seek bars.

    • Chief Gumbo Speaker

      Why? Because it makes you grumpy? Don’t like it, don’t listen.

  • Decklined

    What’s the song Suas mentions that uses Queen’s Bohemina Rhapsody? I couldn’t find it, and would love a link to this parody.

  • GabrielRavenor

    I love how they simultaneously explain how they attacked the CFC from all fronts and split them up as much as they could. And then blame Goonswarm for not helping their allies enough 😀

    • Owen Wells

      that arguement doesnt work though, goons had the numbers at the time to throw several hundred pilots at every front that was opened but didnt bother.

  • Dirk MacGirk

    Nice podcast. Welcome to the scrum. Looking forward to hearing more.

  • Zig

    Old school M. checking in, caught that nod to Zond3 – nice! For anyone that wants to go uber-nostalgic, check out Zond3’s M.Corp promo vid here and see how far the graphics have come in this game!!: