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This is going to be a bit of a general news round-up as there are a few bits and pieces going on none of which particularly deserve a full post all to themselves.

Firstly, I can’t seem to buy a KM in EVE right now. I went out to the good ol’ reliable EC- Gate Camp fleet sure I’d pick something up. We sat there for an hour and saw nothing so the FC gave the order to pack up and head back the few jumps to X-7O. I was volunteered to scout a jump or two ahead as I was in a Stilleto. Sure enough, I get two jumps ahead of the fleet which is still on the Torrinos gate when three Drakes jump into them. I try to burn back but all three pilots are battlecruiserless and podless by the time I get there.

A couple of Canes jump in not long after and it is looking good before two Basis jump in to help them out and we can’t break reps. A very dissatisfying evening’s PvP all round.

My initial stabs in the market aren’t looking too promising either. It appears that when I picked up 1m units of Nocxium on 6th April, what I thought was a climbing price was actually a peak. The price hasn’t dropped too much as to be disasterous but I was expecting a stratospheric rise, especially after the confirmation of the changes to drone alloys announced yesterday. I’m going to sit on my stock for the moment but the way things are looking, if I can break even out of this I’ll be happy.


In slightly better news, we are starting to see the first stirrings of actual CSM activity. Seleene has posted the first CSM7 update and promises that we will be seeing these every 1-2 weeks. The one weakness of CSM6 was while Mittens started with good intentions of open communications with fireside chats on TS and the like, they quickly died away. Poetic Stanzel is keeping them honest this year with a great guide to all the members of CSM7 and how you can contact them as well as how they are communicating with the electorate. I also see there is now an official CSM twitter account, an obvious but welcome addition.

Finally, I want to give a big shout out and thank you to a couple of key members of the blogging community – Marc Scaurus and Seismic Stan. Marc somehow manages to find the time to run, the EVE Blog Pack, his own blog and co-hosts on the fantastic Voices From The Void podcast. Stan also runs his own blog as well as putting a heap of time into the monthly(ish!) Blog Banters, both setting the topics and succinctly summarising the discussion afterwards.


I have definitely taken these guys for granted previously, not understanding just how much work it takes to provide out-of-game content to us media-hungry pilots. Now I have started this site, I have a little insight into the effort required so please take the time to show them both your appreciation.

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