Safe Logoff – The Devil We Love


Eve Online has few certainties.

The profitable industrial job you put forward today can sour in a matter of hours. That friendly local which you have been chatting up for weeks can decide to hunt you today. That regional gate decides to jump you just 2 km away from the camping enemy gang. And that friendly, fresh-faced recruit that’s been so useful lately suddenly disappears, taking all the corp wallet and hangar-loot with him.

This is Eve Online, a wonderful, sprawling, online sandbox where anything can happen.

… well, almost anything.

Rules Eve players use and abuse daily

The universe itself rests on some hard-worn pillars of ancient design. Rules Eve players use and abuse daily, and have become a staple of playing the game as we know it. NPC stations are invulnerable and impenetrable and your assets are forever safe in them, a tick is always exactly one second, system travel by taking gates will always lead to the same gates, death of the capsule instantly regenerates you in your home station, and last, but not least, logging off your ship erases any and all traces that it ever was in space, rendering it completely invisible and invincible until you log back in again.

But should the status quo remain?

Each of those points can be further expanded into multi-page thesis-level analysis pieces but today we’ll poke and prod at a the mechanic of safe log off.


When I was a wee lad I used to play this browser-based real-refresh-time game called Taenaria Derivia Zallus Kitara, colloquially, TDZK. In a lot of ways, it was pretty much Eve Online-Light. You could have a hundred people fighting at the same over player-built ports on planets, you had ganking trading or exploration ships, camping choke-points or stations, you had a rudimentary but important crafting system, you had players that rose to the top charts with their button-clicking solo performances as well as a wealth and variety of ship fitting options with a perceptible meta element.

But it was also a more brutal mistress.

You could only have a single ship at a time, and your ship was always present in the game. If you were caught AFK or just forgot to dock somewhere ‘safe’ for the night, you were fair game. Even if you docked, everything dockable in the game, including NPC stations, were ‘raidable’, an act requiring twenty or more people in dreadnaught-like hulking behemoths pounding away at a structure while logistics ships repaired station-gun damage between salvoes. An act that also upon completion tossed your ship, be you online or not, into the empty void ready to be trounced upon by the escorts in ‘warbirds’ and killed for loot or just a ‘kill’ notification.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

So what does an old browser-game that precedes Eve Online have to do with our current slice of life on Tranquility? Pretty much everything.

Eve is easy. I have a lot to say about this, but it’s easily summed up.

I’m not talking about the newbies here that barely know a scrambler from a stab, I’m talking about the vets, the guys that feel so at ease and at home that nothing in this game threatens them and everything is manageable – a matter of ISK at most, maybe. This didn’t just flow over time, or evolve from an embryonic concept; it has been this way for as long as people understood how to play the game by using some of Eve’s age-old certainties against their fellow capsuleers.

And there is no sleet or dust-worn pillar that has had its engravings more worn off from constant use than the safe logoff mechanic.

EVE Online dreadnought cloak


– Anoikis. A wormhole amongst the hundreds. A dozen dreadnaughts break apart the gravitic forces that hold a wormhole together as they enter, one after another, into the white-pulsar backdropped system. Afterwards, they disappear from all known scanners and become invincible and invisible in the nether. Their pilots have logged off. This would repeat over the coming days or weeks sacrificing as many wormhole connections as it takes. Eventually the time was right. An experienced Lazerhawks FC comes from work, opens up a beer and sighs with anticipation. Today they’re evicting those poor schmucks.

– In another corner of New Eden, a pilot is finishing his exploration run, surveying the loot he has snagged from long-forgotten sites. A cool hundred million, not much, not little, but he’s satisfied. He just realises his eyes are heavy with sleep, his attention is waning and  5E-EZC in far Cobalt Edge seems as good as any to stop. His fingers hover, and then click, the logoff button and within 30 seconds him and his ship filled with valuables are safely tucked away for the night.

– On the other side of the galaxy in Aridia, a group of players are waiting on Mumble. They know this guy is careful, and he most definitely has scouts in place. A few jokes fly over the coms, their conclusion only to be stopped short by their lookout, uttering with a thick heavy german accent: “BREAK BREAK, GO FOR LOG IN, GO FOR LOG IN”. A few minutes later, the killboard for that sector reports a supercap kill. The owner never could see it coming.

– Just to the space-north of Syndicate, a player is breathing heavily as his Micro Jump Drive enters cooldown, having jumped off the P-NUWP gate leaving behind a ragged group of players. He then warps away to a safe, stuttering to talk his blood pressure down. “Wooo, I’m good. I’m fine!”. He throws a ‘gg’ in local and sees his weapons are burnt out as well his tank. “That’ll be a nice repair bill” he mentions to himself as he warps from safe to safe until the gang leaves local, frustrated at him warping safes. He’s tired, but doesn’t need to bother right now with getting home or escaping enemy territory. He logs off.

imagine this being implemented in the game in the next patch

I’m sure these stories ring true to a lot of you out there, and are just taken as ‘the way things are done’, but I ask you to take a step back, forget all the times where this mechanic served you, and try and imagine this being implemented in the game in the next patch.

I don’t think so.

CCP has more than a decade experience in steering this majestic ship called Eve Online by this point, having made its fair share of mistakes to boot. The community of Eve 2016 is also fantastically integrated with the Singularity test server, number crunching, theory-crafting potential exploits and applying great scrutiny to the tiniest of changes; all that eventually getting back into the hands of the developers responsible and injecting itself into an effective feedback loop.

A far cry from the ‘maverick’ way of doing game development of yesteryear on such a complex machine such as Eve Online, a way that has spawned multiple design issues over its lifetime, some frustrating and some outright game breaking, that have only recently begun getting attended to.

So, do you think that a feature like the safe log off mechanic, in the context that we wouldn’t have had it before, would have gotten the green light from the community, or even got pushed as CCP’s proposal to ship to Tranquillity as we have it right now?

The truth of matter is that it wouldn’t. So why should we have it in the game today in the same form?

But we have it. So what now?


The simple slapstick answer would be ‘remove safe log off’. But as I’ve touched in one of my older articles, we don’t want to outright kill ways of playing the game, even if they spawned off unwanted or misdesigned concepts.

We know of CCP’s plans to add structures or maybe modules that could decloak ships within a system/range, so with forcing covops out of the easy and invincible AFK-camping position, we are further cementing this stance by also making sure such an important information relay tool can not just return to the safety of its log-in screen to stay in enemy territory unopposed.

We have started some work on informational security by removing watchlists, but log in traps are still very much a thing. With persistent ships maybe we still need a way to elude and remain in hostile territory with a sliver of ability to remain unseen for multiple hours, while offline.

We need to rethink whether we need modules or structures to force-keep wormholes alive to allow more ships to pass, maybe create new structured gameplay regarding hole control or the amount of necessary force to evict.

The consequences of chopping down this pillar are mind boggling

The consequences of chopping down this pillar are mind boggling and probably of a deeper and of wider-ranged significance than what i’ve mentioned here.

But what would flower on top of the chopped husk of this pillar?

Danger. Gravitas. Adventure.

A sense of power of the physical space and the distances of the galaxy that extends and reinvigorates the peril of flying your ship, be it a small Heron on a relic run that knows it most likely has to brave it back to highsec, or a Erebus that is only ‘safe’ now within the confines of an Keepstar’s inner docking rings, this married with inevitable changes to cloaking.

With the future removal of invincible NPC stations from what we’d expect will be all null and lowsec regions, citadels and the new structures will become home for anyone that chooses to live in such far-flung, foreign lands. This sense of persistence and permanence that will be created should be reinforced by allowing the laws to of the new player structures to also govern individual ships.

I’m sure each and every one of you has an idea on how this will influence the way you play the game, and I’m also sure a lot of you would prefer to just outright YOLO at the sun to just get back to your home station/citadel, or choosing to fly a blank capsule with a disposable fit to not care about repercussions of having a persistent individual presence in the world. But it’s all about the grays in between, and the stories this vagueness creates by removing a certainty from your arsenal.

It’s no secret that the more mistakes you can make, like jumping instead of bridging or just failing to make a sov payment, the better the sandbox for everyone.


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About the author


Cosmo has been playing Eve Online for the better part of a decade, on and off as most Eve 'careers' go, over the span of a dozen trials and over multiple accounts. He's your average every-man player, with no hats thrown in any rings and with enough perspective to not get bogged down in endless threadnaughts on how every new feature will 'ruin' the game.

He loves the concept of Eve and the potential of what it could be more than the actual grimy bits that currently define the experience. "An Eve Online beyond Eve Online" as he likes to put it.

  • Mitch M.

    “He loves the concept of Eve and the potential of what it could be, more than the actual grimy bits that currently define the experience.”

    So why should I care about something from someone who can’t even accept the game as is. Another “My way should be the way to play EvE” jack off.

    • Cosmo

      I’m not saying people should stop playing vanilla servers for World of Warcraft if that’s they’re thing, but time moves on, communities adapt, concepts evolve and methodologies change.

      Eve is in the best place it has been in years, but we can still buff this gem.

  • Dirk MacGirk

    Cosmo: in reading this (twice) I’m a bit confused. Are you focused on the 30-second safe logoff mechanic they implemented a couple (few?) years ago? Or the ability to be safe when logged off at all? Or, both? That a ship in space can disappear and become invulnerable using any method related to logging out of the game (assuming no aggression/activity-related timer)?

    The mechanic of logging out has evolved significantly over time, with a mix of making it easier (safe logoff mechanic) and harder (aggression and activity timers). So just wondering if the rabbit hole you’re going down is about the newer mechanic and timers, or fully down the hole into the idea that perhaps the risk could be more if we couldn’t actually get “safe.”

    • Cosmo

      While i agree that the changes to timers have alleviated some of the issues present, it hasn’t done anything to stomp out login traps or mass insertion of eviction parties.

      I’m talking about a wide-board simplification. Your character, its capsule, and its ship, should never leave the game. Sure, it may be cloaked, (if not the current implementation of cloaking), and sure, it may even continue heading on its course, but you (and to a greater measure, your assets) should always be vulnerable. You just decide on how big or small that percentage is.

      For Eve’s great renown of being a single-shard persistent world, it’s numbing to realise that a hundred players may ‘be’ in a system without ‘being’ in the system.

      IMHO that also includes docking in stations more people with more ship mass than the station itself, as well as removing any asset safety given by NPC stations, by making them ‘raidable’ as mentioned. But that’s outside the scope of this particular article and i honestly don’t see that happening any time within the next few years.

      • Vertigoe

        Just no, people are not able to be at their computers 24 hours a day nor should they be required to be. Also can the servers even begin to handle all the accounts constantly logged in. Probably not, we have tidi now because they cannot handle the stuff we throw at them, now add to that the characters that are in space but not in game that have to be constantly tracked because they might be uncloaked etc., dumb idea not worth taking any further.

        • Cosmo

          For a game that we like to boast hides unspeakable danger and asset loss around every corner, we sure do like to hide behind some mighty big walls.

          For a great deal of the PvP in Eve, this will have little impact. Solo players may still engage any variant of offline dissimulation that might accompany this change(such as an ‘offline’ cloak that can still be pinned down with time, luck, and the right mix of modules), same as PvE’ers that might like to ‘sleep’ in their wormhole without a POS or a Citadel up.

          Just really give it a straight thought and think how ‘far’ are you really from a safe NPC station or corp/alliance POS/outpost/citadel right now? Ten? Maybe fifteen minutes max? And do you really need to sit wildly in space?

          As for Tidi, that happens when processing power of a thousands nerds controlling drones and engaging modules overwhelm a shard. A thousand offline players drifting in space will not strain the servers.

          • Vertigoe

            There is great danger, “when you are in the game”. And just like any “game” you are allowed to not play and when you are not playing your assets are generally safe. Saying you can lose a Titan that you are not even logged in to use, let alone know it is being attacked is not good or even engaging gameplay by any stretch.

            Say you have a pos with all kinds of “cloaked” supers and titans, you kill the pos then swarm to decloak everything because no one is logged in. Not a good gameplay mechanic and is gamebreaking in so many ways. That mechanic would kill this game.

          • .

          • doddydad

            The two main issues I see for this:
            1. Wormhole evictions afaik require the ability to logoff. Major wormhole corps will have a decent cap fleet (I’m talking about c5-c6 wormholes) which any fleet brought through by a single wormhole will bounce off therefore the only way to invade atm is to roll womrholes, bring through a group, logoff, repeat. While I think there should be other ways to invade wormholes (I want there to be a ridiculously expensive machine that utterly uneconomically creates an infinite mass wormhole through to a system of your choice after a timer) until there are other ways to invade wormholes, logging off is rucial for wormhole evictions.
            2. Exploration camps. It’s not that it’s hard to avoid dying when someone’s trying to scan you down in system with HICs on the other side of some gates, but it does require you to be at your computer. There has to be a way to run out a timer to show you’re competent and be able to leave. Maybe make it so going through nullsec gates gives you a 15 minute timer so people have a chance to scan you if you haven’t been in combat.
            No player can or should be expected to constantly defend all their own assets.
            However I think corp assets should always be vulnerable, so supercaps only being able to be docking citadels and having no invincibility in logoff might be ok, as the corp as a whole should value them, and should be able to provide some defense or scouting etc. The other big corp asset which I think might be nice to make vulnerable is high value BPOs as these are generally keep to be completely unlosable.
            What do you think?

          • Aderoth Anstian

            ” While I think there should be other ways to invade wormholes (I want there to be a ridiculously expensive machine that utterly uneconomically creates an infinite mass wormhole through to a system of your choice after a timer) ”

            No. Just no. If you want to evict me from my wormhole you have to take the time and logistics to seed your capitals.

            Oh and @Cosmo. A wormhole will only allow 3 capitals through before collapsing. Not a dozen. I can only assume you recently got screwed by a login trap that inspired this piece. I’d be interested in knowing the circumstances. Were you running sleeper escalations solo? If not how many capitals did you have on field when the trap was sprung? Did you warp to 0 on the site beacon? There are lots of ways of mitigating a login trap.

          • Cosmo

            The twelve was more dramatic writing rather than fact. And no, i haven’t died to a log in trap; this article isn’t inspired at all by personal experience, just an opinion piece. If anything my explo alt would be so sad to see this gone.

          • Aderoth Anstian

            Correct. Seeding caps in a wormhole is not fun. It’s a barrier to entry for those looking to live in that wormhole and also a barrier to entry to evict said people wanting to live there. This is balance.

          • Cosmo

            That draws an interesting line. Where do personal assets and corp assets stop intermingling? In some corporations/alliances there is no SRP and everyone has to supply for himself. Would not killing an individual player’s ship weaken the group it is part of? How about being given ships from the corp stash, even caps/supers?

            As for WH situations in particular, CCP need to step up to the plate and admit WH space needs special care and rulesets defining it. Jamming Citadels with a hocked up rule for destroying them and an asset safety feels utterly weak as a design choice. In this particular case, i’d rather you wouldn’t need caps to siege or hole control. Or create a system through which WH’s can be kept open by structures from one side for unlimited mass, but for a limited time. The aggressor then can choose to destroy said structure, sacrificing the ships to close the artificially kept open wormhole.

            There are a multitude of ways to deal and work this in while creating cool gameplay choices. I just asked the question, i didn’t want to pose the solution, which may not be the right one from the huge grab-bag of suggestions.

          • Lady Ayeipsia

            Do I need to sit wildly in space… Yes. Think of this scenario… I like to bomb. I know that a timer for a structure will expire in 2 days. That gives me 2 days time to sneak into the system so I can bomb the fleets that come for the timer. If I wait till the last moment, I will face active gate camps but through preparation I can participate and it may be my lockbreaker bomb that is the butterfly wing flap. Your change would stop this style of play.

            In addition, I have a family and can only spare 2 hours to play eve a day at best. Normally, I can get lost in nul for a long time, far from any home base. I still have to get out and face risks while online. In your version of eve, I lose this flexibility because if I do want to get home, I have to do so each night and factor that time into my limited free time. I might as well mission in hi sec, but to me that has grown dull. So in exchange for your view of less security and more risk, i lose a play style or must spend more time in eve doing a chore (getting home) instead of playing and having spots for safe rest whenever needed. And turning a game into a chore is a horrible thing. It kills people desire to play. And really, that is what you are advocating… Adding a daily chore of getting home for everybody. There’s no added reward for this hassle, just one more chore.

            Plus, how would your proposal handle emergency shutdowns? They can last for hours. Through no fault of my own, even if I plan an hour to get you home, I can be stuck in space and killed because the cluster died and CCP could not bring it back up for 3 hours and by then I have lost my time to play.

            What about cyno alts that you spend weeks sneaking into position so you can bridge in a big hammer in an elaborate trap? And really that is what bugs me the most about this proposal. It’s one of those “let’s make eve more dangerous, but in actuality make nul safer” ideas. Who benefits from this idea? Not the aggressor trying to sneak a fleet into somene’s nul territory for a fight the next day. Nope, it’s the nul bear with a large AU group who can log in after downtime and clear out any logged off people, then spend the rest of the day in safety knowing there is no threat. Throw some large bubbles on the gate, watch for any new cosmic sigs, and you could rat all day without fear of being caught. That doesn’t add risk or danger to EVE. It eliminates the it.

          • Cosmo

            I think a wide point getting missed is that this will have to be counterbalanced by creating ways of somewhat ‘hiding’ when offline. Be it from a cloak rebalace perspective or a ‘going dark’ mechanic that may allow only people that specifically scan for you in your dead-end system find you, with no dscan visibility.

            As for emergency shutdowns, don’t bet that the bad guys don’t have lives themselves and will log in after you.

      • Jare

        Do you have any idea of the server load that would cause? I don’t but I have a feeling this isn’t happening

        • Cosmo

          Not more than having unpiloted ships left in space.

  • jb

    I Don’t like it at all, maybe just maybe removing invulnerable stations from null sec would be OK. but in pirate regions they should remain. really would make pirate regions more important. I don’t like the idea of persistent ships in space because i am a player that can only log in one day a week for a few hours. i use the log off function when i am exploring deep null. i would hate a whole months worth of work to disappear because i was offline. what i do is i have 3 accounts 1 is a intie scout one is a tengu/proteus pilot and the other pilots a blockade runner. i live with the logout function and only dock in stations when i am in hisec. so i go out do some sites dump loot in my blockade runner character and then log all 3 off. and i only return to hi sec when my blockade runner is full or i get bored of my current region.
    this would kill my whole way of life.

  • Rook Onzo

    One risk level I feel the author is not considering is what happens when you have to log due to RL issues and you are separated from your fleet in dangerous space. There is no guarantee you are making it home back alive when you log in. I remember back in my BL days having to log out in my Maelstrom and Mach at one point. I don’t think either ships made it back into safe space alive. To me not being able to safe log would be too far. In in a Corp with people with little kids I can’t imagine them even being able to fleet up with that kind of commitment if they are losing a ship if they have to leave. Also log in traps are part of what make WH space scary. Anything that tones down that scaryness is going in the wrong direction.

    • Cosmo

      For a game where you should be considering your ship forfeit the moment you undock, we’re still oddly specific on how we want it to die. I just think people overstate the time they save by logging off in space when they don’t need to.

      • Sanaret

        Only the moment we undock? How about rather only the moments we are logged in? As long as we have security to log off safely in stations, players should be able to log off safely in space. People should be able to log off safely at all in the first place. Risk in space is what makes Eve great, but not if I’m not even there to participate. People should be allowed to log off safely and not worry about the game. If you want to allow it in stations, you need to allow it in space too.

      • phuzz

        For a lot of people, they won’t always get five minutes warning before they need to stop playing and go deal with RL stuff.
        Sure, a lot of players can start or stop playing when they like, but others have responsibilities like kids, or a job that have to take priority.

      • Bryan Frye

        B-R was fought this way with the ability for people to contribute in killing stuff and have a fighting chance. WHILE people went and did their jobs and dealt with RL. That is all everyone wants to be a part of a community, killshit, etc. could you imagine also trying to ‘dock up’ 10 mins away in 10% TIDI? Though TiDi was a 200% improvement of not loading grid at all and dying ‘at their computer screens’ not even knowing it.

  • randomdude51

    Ridiculous. At some point, you have to be able to stop playing the game and live life. You either don’t have children or don’t love them like you should. Log off and live, man. Log off and live.

    • Cosmo

      And logging off in a safe station/outpost/POS would allow you do to the same thing.

      • Chakos

        When your kid starts crying or your partner needs you to do something then you get off asap. Most eve players nowdays are in their 30s, on the grand scheme of things EVE really isn’t that important. When you need to get off you need to get off and if the game makes it too hard for you to balance play and responsibility then it’s EVE that will get the chop.

  • xXx-I_PWNZ0R_U_xXx69

    How do I downvote?

  • Tao BeiFun

    I rely Love the idea of not hiding in impenetrable fortress (npc stations) and no safe log off.
    Yeah this is a game and rl comes first, but don´t forget: he never stated there should be other mechanics whom give you a time limit or emergency functions so you wont loose everything.

    So why not spin the wheel and re-imagine a different mechanic to exchange this rotten pillar of safe-stations and safe logoff?
    I´m in for it! This is our EVE lets change it and have fun.

  • Jare


  • Druik Arbosa

    Can’t help but think that this would alienate casual gamers, force them to stay in high sec or never venture far from home.

  • McDerp

    I get what you’re saying, but this just would fuck people with a (even remotely) demanding RL too hard. So many people that would just keep on losing ships while they’re not even there to see it and have fun with it. I for one would quickly start losing the fun in the game if I’d come back every other day to see I’ve died.

    No. There is making it hard and there is keeping it fun. Imo they have a pretty good balance with their log off mechanic right now.

    • Cosmo

      How often do you safe log in space when you don’t need to and could just fly ten minutes to the safety of a POS/station/outpost? It’s a small price to pay.

      • McDerp

        I disagree. Plain and simple. Its a big price to pay.

        And when I have an active week of playing eve, roughly twice a week at least.

        Having to bring back my hunter alts to a station every time I go out would be enough reason to quit hunting completely. There, thats a playstyle killed for me (and probably a lot others) thx fc thx cosmo
        Simply knowing that I can can not log off safely during a long fleet when something happens IRL that needs my attention would probably swing the scale from “I want to go on this fleet” to “I don’t want to go on this fleet” a lot more.

        No. Its fine as it is.

      • Sanaret

        You are an idiot if you think everybody always has a friendly POS or station within 10 minutes of reach, especially for independent wormhole roamers

        • Cosmo

          And i should have stressed the point that this change would encompass ways of still keeping you somewhat hidden, but still visible to anyone that’s seriously in the niche of hunting down players.

          • JZ909

            How do you balance defensive and offensive gameplay when the defense is not even playing the game? Reinforcement timers on your ship? Then your ship gets camped and you die 10 seconds after log in. Welcome back to EVE! Bet you’ll want to keep playing after that. I’d guess that this would be abused to the point where killing offline players would be as “difficult” as running incursions within a week.

      • Stefan M.

        That is actually not a bad idea Cosmo, do the people that comment actually play eve? You get to use safe log-off when you are behind enemy lines, so Cosmo only suggests to keep the game as real as it can be, you don’t get to sleep behind enemy lines safe and wake up tomorrow only to fight another day. if you where in a real situation , lets say you want to come to my home and kill me or steal from me ( relics ) , only to realize , SURPIZE , I’m at home and i’m with 10 of my friends, guess what, you wont be able to sleep in the bath tub while we just watch on TV , and then just vanish there in 30 seconds, you will get f***’d up.

        🙂 so don’t be pussies and log-off when you are realize you did a stupid mistake and end up in a camped area , take responsibility for your acts and fight your way out.

        Or if you cant afford to play in that league , i mean 0.0 and low-sec , you can always go mining in empire or mission run for Concord or whatever …

        If it went down to a vote i would support to remove safe logoff at all , you are either in station thats never more then 5 min away if u like to stay safe , but if u go in 0.0 – thats a whole game altogether .

        Cheers ,
        Stefan M.

        • Cosmo

          Nullsec for anyone worth his salt is easy mode even without safe log off, this just causes a sort of attrition. ‘Yes you can hunt in Drone Regions’, but shouldn’t the people that ‘keep’ the space safe have a ‘bubble’ around their geographic area to keep people out? Even if it’s just a handful of systems that get scanned down each day to find any offline players. Instead of having hotdrops stage in your space without any real way to get them.

          Control and danger.

      • Bozo

        People who live in w-space often safe log every time. Also, sometime the chain back home has collapsed, so you can either spend hours sneaking back in through another route, self-destruct, or log and come back to make that treck some other time.

        Put differently, wihout safe log people will be much more wary of venturing far from home, so we’ll probably have less content.

  • Saint Michael’s Soul

    This will stop people roaming, this will prevent people going out of completely safe space. This will make people way more risk averse, therefore it’s a terrible idea.

    Most Eve players are already at a disadvantage when compared to the no-lifers/perm unemployed. This makes the game even harder for the casual player, and increases hugely the barrier to entry for new players.

    No. No. No.

  • “him and his ship”?

    • Dirk MacGirk

      grammar issue or are you triggered by the assumption of masculinity?

      • well I was gonna say the former but let’s go with both

  • Sanaret

    This is ridiculous. The only way safe log off should ever be written off is if it is on the same chopping block as safety in stations. Not everyone wants to use stations or wants a ‘home’ system, so citadels are no excuse for singling out people who safe log off. I should be allowed to not worry about the game when I am not logged in.

  • TotallyNotPuchoco

    Ok, I guess there’s a first time for everything and this surely is the first time that such a question pops in mind on CZ, but…

    are you stoopid man?

  • Cloon McCloon

    combat timers are already in place to prevent abuse, so I don’t see the point of this? If I want to stop playing and engage in some real life, I don’t want to be forced to spend a bunch of time to go find a station. And really, where is the fun, for both the hunter and the prey in an offline kill? Wake up to a lost ship… people will just love that! and for the killer… Wow! big pat on the bum for you, you killed a guys defenseless ship floating in space while he was asleep, go brag about your kill mail.

  • JZ909

    The day I can’t stop playing the game in a timely manner without losing a ship is the day I stop playing the game for good. Not to mention all the negative impacts to real life, or the vast sucking sound as thousands leave null and J-space, the epic sense of adventure would die. No exploring null, 25 jumps from the nearest lowsec for days, or lurking in a wormhole for a week in your T3C with no contact or resupply. Everything would be driven by the need to be in safe space before you go to sleep.

    In addition, the author speaks about non-specific mechanic change discussions like decisions have been made. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think CCP has announced any definate changes to cloaking, and getting rid of NPC stations is a general idea for a long-term design goal, with no solid implementation plan and some realization that it may not be achievable. The direction of the game in terms of how much skin is in the fight is highly debatable.

    If this proposal solves any of the “problems” mentioned by the author, it only does so by causing vastly larger problems.

  • The Bleak Lands

    “So, do you think that a feature like the safe log off mechanic, in
    the context that we wouldn’t have had it before, would have gotten the
    green light from the community, or even got pushed as CCP’s proposal to
    ship to Tranquillity as we have it right now?

    The truth of matter is that it wouldn’t. So why should we have it in the game today in the same form?”

    It would be introduced and the community would love it. Why? Because you do not need to sacrifice your life anymore to get to a safe station or high sec from a long roam in deep null; you would no longer need to consider time when you roam around and could just go on and log off at a random point without compromising your route too much; you would no longer need to consider other people’s RL issues and time constraints when you plan a long-winding operation because they can just log off in the target area. In essence, you could play EVE more freely and not be limited by your RL as much as you were before. Safe log off suggested as a new mechanic without precedent has a ton of benefits that would not be overlooked by the community.

    Furthermore, persistence is all nice and dandy, but if you got cut off the game by a power outage or illness for a prolonged period of time, you cannot do anything to keep your ships safe because you have no control over what happens to them. Your conclusion ignores a whole log of consequences of a removed SLO and only concentrate on a single small aspect of it, bloating it out of proportion.

  • JumpingJack

    m8, this is a game, not rl……

  • Gully Alex Foyle

    Excellent article, one of the best I’ve read recently about EVE.

    Too many knee-jerk reactions in the comments, though. Guys, it’s an article, not patch notes for next week!

    Eliminating logoff in space altogether may be a crazy bad idea, but good ideas often come from discussing crazy ideas.

    Logging off is basically a super cloak that also removes you from local in k-space. If it were a module, instead of a practical way to go bed or deal with wife aggro, surely a discussion on whether it’s OP or not would be only natural?

    For example, we could consider changing it so you log back in a random system (say within a couple of LY).

  • Juris

    Yeah, no. I’m not sure if you are just trolling or not, but this has to be the dumbest idea since people were talking about being able to kill supers and titans with dust bunnies.

  • Alonso Quijano

    To those that criticize this I understand it as a general idea, but you would have to work the details.

    If you need to log off for long periods of time It’s easy to develop a mechanic that allows you to do so, but needs planning in advance.

    For example, let’s say when you log in, you remain totally hidden (as nowadays) for just 24h in the same system. After that, you start generating a scan result at 20% your real signature radius, adding another 20% every day, until you are scannable at 100% your normal strenght. If you want to reset the timer, you need to log in again and jump to a different system at least once.
    Now, if you know you can only play on weekends and you’ll be logged off for 4 days, you have a problem.

    Ok, add a deployable that slows by X the “signature decay”, “a la” mobile depot. So instead of 20% every day, it’s just 5% every day for example. Now you can log off anywere for extended periods of time, but you have to plan in advance (that’s Eve), and pay a little extra in the form of cargo capacity and ISK for the structure.