Rise of the State


After the valiant, but ultimately unsuccessful, defense of Aivonen and the recent capture of long-standing and symbolic Gallente systems such as Nennamaila, Caldari Militia last week took yet another major step forward in the rapidly escalating Caldari-Gallente factional war.

State forces pulled themselves up to the lucrative Tier 3

In a move that surprised most of EVE – including some in Caldari militia – State forces, fueled by an influx of bloodthirsty Alpha clones, pulled themselves up to the lucrative Tier 3 in warzone control. A faction at Tier 3 gains a significant increase in LP rewards for capturing plexes and running missions, which tends to draw more players to that side.

At the time, CalMil controlled only just enough systems to be able to hold Tier 3, but since then it was able to capture an additional five systems, which form something of a buffer. In fact, over the past two weeks, no less than fifteen enemy systems have been captured by Caldari forces, with only a single system lost in the same period. If anyone had predicted this scenario as little as six months ago, chances are they would have been met with ridicule – both in Gallente and in Caldari circles.


So what has triggered this revitalized Caldari Militia? Was it the influx of Alpha Clones which seem to favor Caldari over Gallente as their racial choice, naturally leading them to service in the State? Was the fall of Okkamon a wake-up call that reunited Caldari forces? What gave the Caldari Militia Coalition the collective cojones to challenge the Gallente like this, after such a long time of playing the awkward, nerdish little brother to the ever successful prom kings of GalMil?

We talked to Ylein Kashuken, a director in SQUIDS. [IBLOB] corporation in CalMil and the main architect of the plan to take CalMil to Tier 3, as well as to two of our in-house GalMil members: Ashterothi, CEO of Aideron Robotics [AIDER] and Ashley Traynor of Moira corporation in Villore Accords alliance [GMVA].

CZ: Thanks for taking some time to talk to us, Ylein. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Ylein Kashuken [IBLOB]: Sure. I have been in CalMil for a long time, and much of that time was with SQUIDS. In fact, I was part of the small group of people who were running the show on the Caldari side for the past four or five years. Needless to say, we weren’t always that successful and so eventually I left.

CZ: You came back, though.

“We created shared channels and worked towards unifying CalMil”

Ylein Kashuken [IBLOB]: Yeah, I did. And I made new connections with people who just want to have fun in the factional war – who want to kill Gallente pilots and attack systems. Groups like Plexodus/Exodus, a lot of new recruits in our own corporation, SQUIDS., your group [Black Shark Cult, ed.], and some other, scattered individual pilots. We created shared channels and worked towards unifying CalMil, and we started getting more and more people on board to be honest.

CZ: Ever since the end of the summer, Caldari have been on the offensive – despite the dramatic loss of Aivonen. Different groups started offensive plexing on opposite ends of the warzone in an attempt to wear out the Gallente defense, meeting with some success. Although CalMil was not able to capture any real enemy fortresses (home systems), a significant number of outlying systems were taken… Now Caldari made Tier 3. Did GalMil see this coming?

Ashterothi [AIDER]: Yes. The Aivonen campaign did not go nearly as smoothly as anyone would have liked, and after the fall of Nennamaila the threat of the State became very clear. However, it is taking some time for some within GalMil to get off their “the State is dead, the pirates are the real enemy” type of footing.

Ashley Traynor [GMVA]: I don’t think anyone really saw the Caldari offensive coming, Calmil has been somewhat dormant for so long that nobody could take them seriously. That definitely played into their hands since for the longest time it was quite hard to believe the Calmil was actually putting up a fght.

CZ: And what was the general reaction? Do people think this is a big deal, or not?

“we could stomp out this recent threat to our space”

Ashley Traynor [GMVA]: Whether or not it’s a big deal depends on how far they push it. If they do keep pushing without sufficient response then we’ll be looking at the exact opposite of 12 months ago – I’d certainly call that significant.

For the most part, right now people don’t really mind that the Squids have reached Tier 3, it was always going to be a side effect of the recent system push anyway. On the GalMil side we’re definitely confident in our capabilities. Should we choose to, we could stomp out this recent threat to our space and with it, the Caldari Tier 3 status.

Ashterothi [AIDER]: In my opinion this is a pretty big deal. The Caldari have historically had greater numbers, but less organization. What we are seeing post Ascension is a revitalized State unlike anything I have seen in several years.

Looks like both sides have their eyes on Vlillirier… Why? Well, to put it into simple terms: Aivonen taught New Eden that we (Gallente) can kick the Caldari out of a home system if we so desire. This attack is to find out if the inverse is true.


CZ: Ylein, were you part of the general strategic discussions on the Caldari side that led to the push to Tier 3? How did that go?

reaching Tier 3 was our best bet at attracting more people to plex and help us keep up the pressure on GalMil

Ylein Kashuken [IBLOB]: Yeah, you could say that I was part of that… The thing is, not everyone was convinced that moving to Tier 3 now was the right thing to do. But then we had taken all the systems we realistically could with our current forces, and I felt it was time to stir things up even more – reaching Tier 3 was our best bet at attracting more people to plex and help us keep up the pressure on GalMil.

CZ: So CalMil was not that unified after all. Interesting.

Ylein Kashuken [IBLOB]: While we were pushing systems on the edge of the warzone, Plexodus, Templis CALFS and BLOC were assaulting Fortress Vlillirier. We were hoping to break off enough of the defenders to allow Vlillirier to fall, but as you know, that did not quite happen.

CZ: How did you manage to reach Tier 3 if you could not capture more systems?

Ylein Kashuken [IBLOB]: Easy. I just went for it after downtime the next day – I made a grand tour of the warzone with all my alts and upgraded all our systems to level V. Plexodus and Black Shark Cult chipped in as well, and so we just barely made Tier 3.

CZ: Op Success… But at the cost of what must have been billions of ISK in the form of Loyalty Points spent on all those system upgrades!

Ylein Kashuken [IBLOB]: Absolutely. It gave us enough drive to push for another few systems… And in the meantime we have reached – and even exceeded – the somewhat symbolic  number of 45 controlled systems, which gives us a great momentum going forward and will help us truly unite all of CalMil.


CZ: Back to our Gallente friends. Are people on your side actually considering letting CalMil do their thing? Letting CalMil flip more of the warzone would drive up the value of Gallente LP, wouldn’t it?

Ashterothi [AIDER]: That notion was over about two months ago when Gallente and Caldari started exchanging key systems. Both sides have made this personal.

CZ: So listening to all of you, I’m pretty convinced the war is not going to quiet down. It sounds like keeping the momentum going is more important than it used to be?

Ashterothi [AIDER]: With the changes that came in citadels, and the changes that are almost certainly coming next year, being on top as the Alphas pour in is important. Here’s the thing: Caldari have Jita, and so is easier from a logistics and ISK-making point of view. Dodixie is no Jita, so Factional Warfare sightseers tend to go Caldari. However, the Gallente are generally longer in the tooth and more experienced with the mechanics of Factional Warfare, and so their membership have historically been more coordinated.

But if you want to sign up and defend the Federation against the encroaching Squid presence, join Aideron Robotics – the premier corporation for Gallente Alpha clones!

It is not hard to share Ashterothi’s enthusiasm: the war in the North has not been this vibrant and action-packed for years. The State is on the march and keeps probing the Gallente fortress of Vlillirier, but without much effect so far. Gallente forces have deployed to push the Squid menace back in other areas of the war zone, hoping to stop the Caldari in their tracks and defend their position as the top dogs of Factional Warfare.

Then, just a few days ago, CCP Fozzie tweeted “On Tuesday we broke the all-time record for most active capsuleers enrolled in Factional Warfare, and it’s still rising fast.”

So what are you waiting for, capsuleer? Enlist now, and defend the cause of your choice!

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About the author

Lynx Artrald

Lynx has been in EVE since 2014 and has his roots in EVE University. Nowadays he is active in Factional Warfare and leads small bands of Caldari Militia or does solo work.

  • Remus 71

    As accurate a report as your likely to see on any current theatre in New Eden with the exception of ”Should we choose to, we could stomp out this recent threat to our space and with it, the Caldari Tier 3 status.” – So do it?

    Thank you Ashterothi for acknowledging this does matter, we do care, and it’s not about the isk. You guys have been ferocious in Vlil and guys on Reddit making the conversation about conversion rates have done you a great disservice.
    Remus 71
    King of the Vlil

  • Amberpaw

    For the State

    but bias against skummy gallente aside.
    i can say FW (for me) has been the most fun PvP i’ve had in 2 years (6 months of that being null, and the rest beign solo, small gangs, or bomber’s bar)
    don’t get me wrong. its no mega battle or great war. but its alot easier to get into and you don’t need massive fleets (plus no fear of TIDI)

    i’ve still got my alts stalking E-UNI chat trying to grab any alpha that expresses interest in FW. before the gallente do >=D

  • Deen W.

    It’s great to see Calmil finally hit T3 after a 2 year slump. So I’m sure there are tons of excitement about that. No more pilots excuses about being poor and unable to fly a Rattlesnake! I would,however, caution Caldari militia pilots to be lulled into the 2013 mindset again when Caldari (w/ the help of TEST and Khan) was here and swept 90% of the warzone. They hit that remaining 10% that is the brick wall called Gallente home systems. Couldn’t do much, excitement simply faded and Gallente came roaring back to reach parity again. Be careful about falling into that dangerous dogmatic thinking that this is all about Tier levels and warzone control. Otherwise, history will repeat itself again.

  • Otto Von Bismark

    Long Live Caldari!

    Sun is coming up at last since the darkness of oicx massacre…

    Never lose hope my children

    • Veskrashen

      As the architect of the Oicx Massacre, it’s good to see you all back in the saddle. You guys are actually making me reinstall the damn game and resub.

      I look forward to seeing what you all can accomplish in your Renaissance.

      • X Gallentius

        Will believe it when I see it…. 😉

  • Alesandros Mornhavon

    For the State!!!

    As one of the newer FCs who has been leading plexing fleets and ihub bashes in-and-around the upper Placid region, I have to congratulate all of Calmil for what they’ve been doing these past two months and more immediately these past few weeks. This has been a long time coming. Across TEMPLIS, BLOC, SQUIDS, HECON, Plexodus, some of the newer Russian Corps, BSC, and many others that momentarily escape me… combined with a good chunk of 50+ militia/alpha pilots, Calmil has been relentlessly pressing Galmil on all sides. The biggest defense I saw them mount was a 30-40 man HAC fleet during the Vaaralen ihub bash (against a calmil caracal fleet – comprised primarily of militia dudes with a few veterans… FC’d by yours truly). They’ve otherwise just harassed our liberation fleets with 10-15 man corm fleets, or the occasional algos/derpton menace. This has occurred during the lull between the EU and US time zones.

    I know Galmil has been savagely defending Vlil to good success, but as you can see, that is enabling us to liberate 30-40 systems from them. Calmil is gaining momentum and new pilots everyday. We are doing fleets and welcoming the newbros/aphas that participate, bringing them into the fold. Is Galmil doing the same? We are getting new FCs a lot of valuable experience… is Galmil doing the same?

    As a former Marine Corps Officer, I’m looking at the warzone map, combing my observations with those of other Calmil, and reading the responses of those leaders in Galmil: “Should we choose to, we could stomp out this recent threat to our space and with it, the Caldari Tier 3 status.” That is a very arrogant statement. Galmil is playing a very dangerous game. They’re loosing 2-3 systems daily now, and from their own responses, they are loosing veterans, FCs, and more importantly loosing cohesiveness as a militia. I don’t see the effort to welcome in all the newbros/alphas either. They’ve lost, what, 20 systems now? If they are playing a defense-in-depth, enticing us in so they can exact a crushing defeat on one of their home systems, then they are putting all their hopes in a single course of action. If they truly have the capability to push us out of T3 and reclaim lost systems, they need to start doing it now before their entire outer defense/buffer is eroded away.

    As I see it, it really has only been SQUIDS and friends, laying siege to Vlil… keeping it between 20-40% contested. What is going to happen when all of Calmil comes to Vlil’s doorstep? I’m conservatively looking at 150+ players (probably even more) from across all corps/alliances and the alphas. Does Galmil still have the numbers, and number of experienced FCs, to contest that? I’m just speculating here

    *I heard we just liberated Okkamon (sort of kicking myself for missing it). That was a bitter defeat for myself personally, as I was in Distortion/Amplified at the time.

    • X Gallentius

      We’re doomed. Our forward scouts are currently looking into non-FW systems where we can curl up into a little ball and comfort ourselves (with a good book and some warm Quafe) while the Caldari roflstomp the warzone.

      See you in two months.

  • Damar Rocarion

    Well, it was done now. We can put “Caldari could never take one of our homeworlds” smack into dustbin. Of course, Gals will no doubt say one of the following:

    A) Did not want that system anyways
    B) Meh, Citadels mean we can ignore occupancy like back in 2008
    C) System X was not a home system/important, Y is (Until Y gets taken as well)

    To me the most hilarious bit about the whole thing was when, before last DT, Gallente suicide-charged unfitted ships to large plex in continuous wave to stop the timer from running.

  • Kenny Dalglish

    gallente are still the most organized millitia, and while caldari seem to be catching up i still think caldari greatest (only) strength is that they have more players who will just undock and go run timers independently without links or gangs or intel.

    so this is what i think has changed most dramatically: LINKS. Caldari never made much use of links while gallente almost became dependent on them.