Due to the their website still being offline following a DDoS attack, we are posting this announcement from our long time sponsors and supporters EVE Bet on their behalf. It’s the least we can do after years of working together with these wonderful people:

Dear EVE-Bet players and friends,

First of all apologies for the abrupt downtime over the last few days. We were subjected to a DDOS attack just prior to the final match of ATXIV and were only able to partially restore service afterwards. Users from outside Australia and New Zealand (the region where our server is hosted) were unable to reach the site without using a VPN with an Australian endpoint and that situation has persisted for the last few days.

We know a lot of our users have been frustrated (and perhaps made a little nervous) by the suddenness of the site going offline. It’s been a very frustrating time for us as well and we express our gratitude to those have been patient and understanding in the meantime.

Trigger warning: you might start to freak out as you read this next bit but don’t worry, you’re still gonna get your ISK back.

EVE Bet is now permanently closed, effective immediately

After prolonged discussions with our hosting provider and internally we have decided not to bring the site back online. EVE Bet is now permanently closed, effective immediately.

While I don’t want to go into specifics about the exact nature of the technical issue we’re facing, suffice to say it would be a time and labour intensive process for our volunteer IT staff to make the necessary changes to bring the site back online reliably and securely. Considering that we are only allowed to operate until the 8th of November anyway, we have determined that it’s not worth the effort for just couple more weeks of trading.

Like we’ve been saying since the news about EULA changes first broke: we have no intention of running off with your ISK and we have a plan to allow our users to claim what’s in their EVE Bet wallet. The procedure is as follows:

1. EVE Bet customers should send an evemail from any characters they have associated with an EVE Bet account to this character: EVE Bet Recruiter which is in the corporation EVE-Bet [EVE-B]. (You can write anything in the subject and body).

2. Upon receiving the evemail our bankers will locate your character in our database and transfer the balance of your EVE Bet wallet back to that character in-game.

Effectively the only difference between this method and the way you’d normally make a withdrawal is that you’re initiating the request via evemail rather than through our site. Simple, right? It’s already set up and you can do this right now.

Any bets placed prior to the site going down on Sunday for events that are still unresolved will be paid out as usual when the event concludes. If this affects you it means you will have to send another email after the results are in to get the payout from that event.

We will be honouring all payouts right up until the last minute: 11:00 EVE time on Tuesday, 8th November which is when the new EULA comes into effect and any further transactions from EVE Bet would be considered in breach of Section B: “You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties.”

If you have any difficulties retrieving your ISK please send an email to with as much detail as possible and we’ll do our best to help you.



First – yes, we realise that this means you can’t log into the site and confirm your wallet balance with your own eyes prior to making your withdrawal. That will no doubt open the door to some tinfoil.

Second – we know the EVE community is very tech literate and no doubt some of you will be thinking “why don’t they just do x to get the site online again?”.

Due to mitigating circumstances after the DDOS attack, putting the site back online would create a number of issues for us which just aren’t worth dealing with when considering we’re closing down in a few weeks anyway. In both cases we’re doing something pretty outrageous considering this is EVE we’re talking about: We’re asking you to trust us.

At the risk of providing satisfaction to whoever perpetrated the DDOS attack on us, we’d like to say that we’re very disappointed that we’re going out with a whimper instead of a bang. We had hoped to build up to the closing of EVE Bet and conclude with some kind of public event to invite our supporters along for one final bash but it looks like we won’t get to realise that plan.

However, the one thing that they can’t take away from us is our reputation and the respect we’ve earned in the community by always being decent citizens and dealing honestly with our users. In that regard we feel EVE Bet is very much going out on top.


Thanks once again to all of our great users and supporters over the last four years.

– The EVE Bet team.

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  • Griffin

    And another one bites the dust

  • Oxigun

    Thank you for the eve-bet site, your hard work, the public announcement and the quick payout. All the best in your future endeavors.

  • 103

    Good riddance.

  • Ullr Egilsson

    Why do people have to submit a claim to cash out their balance? When Somer closed, they paid out every active account. Or is this gonna be like the mail in rebate scam? You guys get to keep all that unclaimed ISK.

    • Wire

      Well, I mean, do *you* want to go through and individually send out money to 30k accounts, some of which will be dead, etc? Makes sense to me.

      • Ullr Egilsson

        No, I do not. I would write a script to do it for me. And I would only pay out the accounts active within the last 60-90 days. Makes no sense to me.

        • Tellur

          So you want to automate something in EVE through external means, which is clearly against the EULA? That would not be a smart move.

          Also, those 60-90 days seem awfully arbitrary. What about some guy, still playing, who didn’t bet on anything for the last 91/180/360 days but still wants his ISK back? Would it be fair to not pay him out?

          • Ullr Egilsson

            So you are saying that running a script to querry the evebet database is automating the eve client? I am suggesting to automatically pay out to the active accounts just like SomerBlink did when they had to close. If you have an inactive account, you can then manually apply to get your balance returned. But I think making everyone apply to get their balance returned is an attempt to keep as much unclaimed ISK as possible.

          • Bam Stroker

            No he means automating an action in-game. The issue is that for each person that needs to be paid out someone physically has to transfer the ISK through the client one at a time. Like look them up, right click -> give money -> paste amount -> click ok. And that has to be done 30,000 times. It would take about 250 man hours to get them all done. It’s just not practical.

  • sd

    Very strange that people need to ask for the ISK, just send it to everyone without internally begging for people to not ask it back from you.
    But otherwise… good run EveBet.

    • Oxigun

      Why would they pay out to old inactive accounts? If you leave the roulette table and your bet wins, does the casino have to come find you?

  • Thank you EVE Bet for adding a little something extra to our universe. Enabling us to place sports bets without ever really having to invest real money. It made a lot of sports evenings a lot more interesting.

  • J

    Can you not at minimum release a read only copy of the database with the balances in, or you concerned that some people might not be happy with their balance being disclosed?

    • Bam Stroker

      We would consider that breaching our users’ privacy. Anyone who sends an evemail to the character mentioned in the article will get their ISK sent to them, in full. Multiple people have already posted on Reddit and Tweeted that they’ve received their ISK with no hassles and in quick order. One person has also commented to that effect here in the comments.

  • Kamar Raimo

    I can confirm this is absolutely genuine. I sent the mail as instructed and got my ISK in under 10min.

    Although I never bet on anything except EVE related events (EVE_NT Collides and AT) I highly appreciate what you have done for us and so many others. Despite all the setback you stayed classy and professional until the end.

    • Joseph Blade

      was it doubled?

  • pufter

    fuck off rmters…

  • Boat

    We all know who went after there site, the only person who has failed at creating a casino lol goons strike again!

    • Demrock

      Realy ?

      You must be realy realy bitter for some reason.

      Ingame gambling is now bound by law and each gaming studio that has even a slight betting system needed to change her UELA.

      Also good riddance with that cancer, 30 trillion isk +- 200 billion a day tells you a story that some might have had some fun, but alot of people get addicted to these kind of things.

      But who cares about them right ? as long as massive profits can be made we just look the other way and pretend all these people dont have any problems.

      Gambling doesnt belong in mmo’s, specialy not sandbox mmo’s.

  • Nick

    RIP tracking titans, supercaps, extralarge guns, and now betting sites.

    Oh what would we ever do if we didn’t have the great messiah Mittani to push the game rule, and mechanic to suit what is best for all of us. To think, there was a day when you couldn’t fly your double shield extended perma-MWD drakes around the battlefield without getting webbed, and tracked by extra large guns. I mean, how broken was that…… am I right? It took great sacrifice from our messiah to fix that great injustice. Fleets CFC duders in drakes were shattered to prove that logical FC’s need not apply themselves to outwit their enemies, simply taking to the forums is how you win wars.

    Well CFCer did lose one war, but they got the last laugh, because their enemy is now dead for ever thinking they could stand up to the greatest power in the game, the forum posters of the CFC.

    • Apollo

      You do realize that this has to do with new laws focused on keeping minors off of online gaming sites right?

  • Werner_Ross

    Thank you for your content addition to New Eden:). I hope you will be coming up with something new content which ofcourse will be allowed within the EULA:).

    Also I would like to note: Do not give the attackers the satisfaction of robbing you from your big bang!! I would suggest either to go on the EVE forums or another outlet and go through with your public event (whatever it may entail) and still go out with the bang you would have liked. I hope and think you will be getting alot of support from your betting community in doing so.

    Goodluck out there!:)


    Thank you EVE Bet, you will be missed. You have been a part of my Sundays during football -U.S.- season for at least the past two years. You let me indulge my football gambling habit safely, and in conjunction with a game that I love. I suppose I’ll just have to go back to being a degenerate gambler and spending the milk money instead of my isk, thanks a lot CCP. Joking. However, my little 100,000,000 isk bets felt a lot bigger than the $2 or so of their “actual value.” I never though about things in terms of dollar value. Instead I thought about the in game items I could buy with my winnings. Clearly babbling now. Anyhow, thanks again.