We have spent a lot of time recently both in text and on the podcast discussing our move from SoCo to CFC. Jeg and I have received a lot of feedback during this time, some positive, some very negative. Anyone who has taken the time to address us civilly has had a civil response no matter what the move. Some of you think we were right, some of you think we are wrong or have sold out and some of you don’t care. Some of you seem rather upset that they have lost a ‘SoCo podcast’ and we are now just another one of the many ‘Goon podcasts’. I want to briefly address this point directly.


Firstly, we were never a ‘SoCo podcast’. Crossing Zebras has and always will be a podcast about Eve and more specifically null-sec and even more specifically, PvP. We may talk about mining from time to time or Empire or whatever but that isn’t our (very limited) field of expertise. I personally spent plenty of time in the podcast criticizing many of the decisions of AAA while we were in SoCo and I am 100% positive that at some point, myself or Jeg will critisize Goon decisions while in the CFC.

Sure, we wore tinfoil hats now and again and we raised some points more as a discussion point than anything about what CFC or HBC were up to. Overall, I think we maintained a relatively neutral stance since episode one, both mocking and complimenting various aspects of all the various alliances in null.

Secondly, there are a lot of very intelligent and sharp pilots in AAA and many I have spoken to personally are articulate and talkative. Jeg and I struggle to be articulate. Jeg and I struggle to be barely literate. Yet here we are, six months into what has become quite a successful wee podcast. Jeg will tell you at length that I possess very, very basic computer skills yet I still manage to set up, host the podcast each week, edit it and put it live.

Guys, making a podcast these days is very simple. If you feel you aren’t represented in the podcasting community, do something about it! I have been doing another podcast for almost four years now using Posterous. Posterous allows you to setup your own website easily and completely free. The only costs I have spent on that podcast over the years is a custom .com domain because I wanted one – it’s not something you need. Audio editing software is available for free such as the ever-popular Audacity. The chances are if you are a null-sec pilot you have a headset – that’s good enough at least to get started with and in due course, if you stick with it, very good microphones can be bought for under $100. If you need any help setting anything up, please feel free to email me or contact me in-game and I will take the time to help you. Anything that can widen the community to as many listeners as possible can only be a good thing.

tl;dr – If you are a member of SoCo and you feel you have lost a SoCo podcast, don’t. We never were a SoCo podcast and we aren’t a CFC podcast now. However, if you want to hear more something of a more Southern persuasion, get your finger out and go do it! Podcasting is very easy and basically free (or at least, very cheap) to try – seriously, if I can do it, anyone can. Get your voice out there!

Fly safe, Xander 

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Jeg Elsker

Jeg Elsker is the brains behind the Crossing Zebras team. While Xander may come up with all the fanciful ideas, Jeg was the dude with the technical ability to create the Crossing Zebras site and all the technical infrastructure required to go with it. On top of this, he somehow manages to temper Xander’s enthusiasm on the podcast with some tempered reason and sense