I was involved in a battle tonight in Black Rise in which a combined OTEC force of PL / Goons / NC. seen off a combined -A- / Solar with superior numbers. First things first, if you are going to whine about being outblobbed when fighting Goons then fuck right off. People who whine about numbers in a game as cutthroat as EVE need to retreat to Hello Kitty Online or whatever else piques their interest. EVE is not meant to be ‘fair’.


No, what is grinding my gears is parties on tweetfleet suggesting that -A- is somehow trying to make itself relevant by poking at OTEC tech moons around Cloud Ring and Black Rise. This is an utterly fucking stupid thing to suggest for multiple reasons:

1) Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that -A- is irrelevant. Surely sitting on our arse in Catch doing nothing isn’t going to alleviate the situation? Would Goons et al suddenly consider -A- a more important alliance if we just sat fat, dumb and happy in the south doing nothing?

2) OTEC is in all reality just a blue list. Sure they will will roam against each other and fire pop shots around when there is no serious danger but as soon as a significant foe comes along, they close ranks and set up to defend. If there are no other entities which come close to the size of OTEC or -A- / Solar, it makes sense that we would head into their space and look for fights or vice versa. Null-sec is rapidly becomes very fucking boring and without -A- poking the hornet’s next it would be considerably more so.

3) Of course -A- / Solar are irrelevant to the combined forces of OTEC. It is the most blindingly obvious statement I have ever heard anyone make. How on Earth can any entity in game compete with the wealth and combined numbers of OTEC? Is there some other 3rd party I’m not aware of who are going to step out of the shadows and give Mittens a bloody nose? No? Didn’t think so.

To be clear, this isn’t a rant about being outblobbed or numbers or anything stupid like that. It’s a rant purely based on the fact that OTEC is clearly the most powerful establishment in EVE at the moment and no other single alliance or group of alliances can hope to compete with it. The way Mittens is running OTEC is entirely legitimate and I have no problem with what OTEC is as an entity. My tears are purely that pilots from the OTEC group describing -A- as irrelevant is the most stupidly redundant thing I have ever heard and they should know better. If anything, everyone in EVE, OTEC rank and file included, should be thanking -A- for providing some PvP content in null-sec.

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