Red Hot Summer

In the midst of summer, wormhole space has flared up recently. Last week resulted in one of the largest wormhole space alliances being evicted. Recently another alliance came under siege by similar parties as last week, increasing the chance a war between coalitions might break out. While going over recent developments, we also caught up with Proclus Diadochu, one of the combatants, recent CSM9 candidate, leader of his corporation Obstergo, and founder of Red Coat Conspiracy (RCC). He spoke on the past, present, and future of his wormhole alliance. Obstergo was formed a little over three years ago and has gone through half a dozen alliances in that time. “Obstergo has had a fun adventure through the game… Honestly, in game, I’m far from the easiest person to get along with if we don’t see things similarly.” Recently it seems to have settled in with RCC to an extent it hasn’t previously, staying in its current alliance longer than any other before. The current alliance leaders met over a couple beers in Eve Vegas 2013 and this led to their decision to work together. It’s clear from the interview that RCC is on solid ground with it’s leadership. While it may be an eclectic number of corporations, Proc makes it clear that very few restrictions are placed on membership. People get to do what they want, and he seems insistent on continuing to develop his alliance in the same fashion, despite the recent setback. In fact, Proclus seemed nonplussed: “This whole deal was a little different than expected. I will say that Blued Union picked an ideal time to engage our previous home, with a majority our members moving out of Valhalla. As far as allies, some people approached us, and as we couldn’t gain control of our home, I didn’t ask for people to commit. We had a few groups that stuck with us, and I want to thank them for offering and commiting to help us out…I don’t worry about the hype or whatnot. Our guys have fun and that’s all I care about.” 2011-03-06-04-42-31 Blued Union, as they are coming to be called, consists of the eponymous Blood Union, Quantum Explosion, and Lazerhawks. This weekend, after their successful operation, parts of the alliance opportunistically invaded Grand Sky Wizards, another notable wormhole alliance. A number of alliances entered the fray quickly against Blued Union, which undoubtedly led to a cessation of hostilities. Whatever the claims are on either side, it’s clear any further prodding would be an escalation as coalitions formed. Historically this has always happened during large invasions, though perhaps it first occured with Aquila’s invasion by Starbridge. At the time it was called ‘World War Wormhole‘. These days it’s the result of just another weekend, and points to a lack of regular content. As Proclus commented: “Wormholes, overall, are in an interesting state at the moment. If you take a gander, you see groups like Kill it with Fire, Sky Fighters, Verge of Collapse, W-Space, Ragnarok, and I’m sure more, transitioning, splitting, and collapsing; I find it indicates lack of external content seems to be leading some groups to internalize content or boredom is driving change…” In any case, we can hope it continues to be a hot summer for wormholes. What’s next for Proclus and RCC? They plan on continuing to do their own thing. “Hard not to see eye to eye with myself… if you can’t find a home, build one.” Advice every wormholer should take to heart.
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