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With so many moving parts and complications that come from running an alliance, secrecy is a rarity. After all, Eve Online is a social game, and nearly everyone talks to one another. Over the years I’ve participated in countless campaigns, and I can’t recall a single one that wasn’t announced in advance or leaked. Even without leaks, there are still ways to find out. Alliances move assets to new staging areas. Control towers are set up to move super capitals. If you’re paying enough attention to the details, you can predict what an alliance is up to with a reasonable amount of certainty.

When the alliance pings went out announcing a State of the Goonion to reveal a new campaign, I was intrigued. The weeks following the Battle of B-R and the retreat of hostile forces out of the current theater made the war more or less over, and I was hoping for something new. State of the Goonions aren’t common and are usually saved to announce major events. The guesses were plentiful. Would it be a deployment to Fountain to retake coalition assets from the NPC Fountain locals? Would we deploy back home to deal with Black Legion? Was our next target Providence? There were definitely options on the table, though none of them would be big enough to justify a major coalition form-up.

I began to feverishly badger a few relatively important Goons trying to get an inside scoop. Most either didn’t know or couldn’t talk about it. One person told me Providence was the target. People were being unusually tight-lipped, which suggested to me it was something unexpected. I’ve never really had a problem getting a heads up before. Opsec is definitely something the CFC uses, or at least tries to use, most times, but we’ve never been overly secretive regarding what our upcoming campaigns are going to be. Hell, if you even remotely follow the geopolitics of nullsec you can get a good idea of what’s going to happen.


Xander and I talked on Skype about what we heard from our respective sources. Someone in the know told him it was Fountain; I’d heard it was going to be Providence. Typically when we deploy elsewhere, our capitals are given a heads up with how much fuel we need. You can gauge the target destination by range, yet no capital orders were posted. Because capitals aren’t allowed to enter hisec, I’d begun to suspect a deployment there. An entire coalition deployed would theoretically allow us to do an ice interdiction, a new ‘Burn Jita’ campaign, and a POCO rampage at once. With the drone nerf and our upcoming abandonment of our Dominix doctrines, we could suicide anything and everything to our hearts’ content. I suspected we were being intentionally misled, and figured a hisec jihad was in the works.

Then the actual State of the Goonion happened, where Mittens teased a deployment back west before announcing a hellcamp of 0-W. The unusual amount of secrecy was to prevent N3 alliances from moving and to trap their assets and capital ships in the stations, while our Russian counterparts complete other objectives. I won’t say I was letdown with the announcement, but I definitely hoped we would move elsewhere and do other things for a while. We’ll see how the hellcamp turns out; at the very least I’ll get through a season or five of whatever television series catches my eye on Netflix.

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