Querious: Trap in NU4-2G


NU4-2G system, Querious region. On the 15th of September at 13:00 EVE time a battle flared up in the system as Dangerous Voltage [DV] and Tactical Supremacy [TIKLE] attempted to bait The Initiative. [INIT.]’s super capitals.

The entire chain of events that led to the battle began with a Dangerous Voltage fleet been driven out of the region by The Initiative. super capitals. Deciding to capitalize on the incident, the alliance and its ally, Tactical Supremacy, chose to try and bait The Initiative. super capitals. A Hurricane Fleet Issue battlecruiser force was assembled and sent again to hunt for targets, knowing The Initiative. would retaliate. At the same time, three squadrons of capitals were organized and moved closer to the region, ready to deploy should The Initiative. bite.

The catalyst proved to be two Rorqual capital industrial ships

The catalyst proved to be two Rorqual capital industrial ships. The two ships were mining away in an anomaly when the battlecruiser fleet’s scouts found them and proceeded to tackle them. Warp disruption probes held the ships down as the battlecruisers descended upon them. The battlecruisers however lacked the firepower to truly dent the ships’ shields and brought reinforcements in the form of Tactical Supremacy’s Gila cruisers, bringing the fleet’s total to 75 pilots not counting the capitals still held in reserve.

The Initiative. organized a relief force of its own, scrambling two dozen combat carriers with force auxiliary support. The capital ships materialized on field thanks to a cynosural beacon provided by one of the tackled Rorquals. Dropped into the fray, the combat carriers launched their fighters and targeted the host of interdictors which had kept the Rorquals and subsequently the capital fleet trapped on the grid. Squadrons of fighters made short work of the interdictors, destroying several while the joint Dangerous Voltage/Tactical Supremacy fleet continued to focus its attention on the Rorquals, maintaining long distance from the capital force.

Suddenly, a cynosural beacon lit up near The Initiative.’s capital fleet and the Dangerous Voltage/Tactical Supremacy capital reserves entered the battle. The two alliances sprang their trap, bringing in their capitals after they assumed The Initiative.’s wouldn’t escalate things further. Dreadnoughts entered siege cycles while combat carriers launched superiority fighter squadrons to combat their hostile counterparts. The capital fleet quickly targeted the force auxiliaries of The Initiative.’s capitals, taking them down before moving on to the other combat carriers.

as it turned out, The Initiative. had its own trap to spring

However, as it turned out, The Initiative. had its own trap to spring. The alliance had scouted the Dangerous Voltage/Tactical Supremacy capital reserves beforehand and prepared its own counter. Super carriers, titans and a host of force auxiliaries assembled in range of the system, with the two dozen combat carriers serving as a lure to force Dangerous Voltage/Tactical Supremacy’s hand to bring their capitals out. Once the hostile capital ships were on the field, the rest of The Initiative.’s fleet jumped through to the still-lit cynosural beacon.

Titans and super carriers landed on the grid and went to work immediately. Flights of fighter bombers took to space and targeted the hostile capitals. Titans fired up their doomsday devices and unleashed their power on the still-sieged dreadnoughts. Force auxiliaries cycled triage modules to give relief to the besieged combat carriers and safeguard the super capitals.

In rapid succession, Dangerous Voltage/Tactical Supremacy capital ships were destroyed. The few that were able to managed to jump out or had warped off immediately in an attempt to extract. After a few minutes of carnage most of the hostile capitals were destroyed, asserting The Initiative.’s dominance on the field. The joint sub capital fleet, deprived of its capital support, could do little against such a force and chose instead to retreat, leaving the field in the hands of The Initiative..

With the battle won, The Initiative. looted what it could of the field before extracting its super capitals, having successfully defended the capital industrial ships. With its super capital assets safe, The Initiative. stood down rather than chase the hostile force thus bringing the battle to an end.


A battle report for the NU4-2G system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 33 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 250 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Tactical Supremacy and Dangerous Voltage lost 36 ships including 20 dreadnoughts and 2 combat carriers for a total of 71.63 billion ISK damage.

The Initiative. lost 11 ships including 2 force auxiliaries and 3 combat carriers for a total of 13.24 billion ISK damage.


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