PvP in Wormholes: Ship Meta

The PvP landscape in wormholes has been pretty static for a while now, but Hyperion recently changed some things up in that regard. In this article we will go over the current state of the PvP meta in wormholes and look at the typical ships players will fly in w-space.

Tech 3 – The Kings

Let’s not beat around the bush about this, tech 3 ships are flown a lot in w-space. While they are pricey (especially when fit with faction mods, as they often are in wormhole space) you get a lot of power and utility for the money. Another big thing tech 3 ships have going for them is their mass, you can move a fleet of them through a wormhole a few times without putting a huge strain on it the way a battleship fleet would. The type of tech 3 fits can vary depending on their role. Cloaky T3s are very popular because the lack of local and a covert ops cloak means you can sneak up on an enemy and provide intel to your own fleet and then still put out competent DPS once the fighting starts. Neuts are favoured in PvP in just about all areas of space, so you can definitely expect to find some neut-fit Legions complementing higher-DPS T3s like the Proteus. Some T3 fits will also include a probe launcher just in case you happen to get stranded somewhere and need to scan down an exit. Now, the reliance on T3s in w-space has been something I have complained a bit about since I first started playing and living in wormholes. I am someone who has the skills to fly a lot of ships of different sizes and races, but life in wormholes is such that you need to maximize what you can get out of every ship and T3s are just incredibly versatile. The recent addition of the frigate-only wormholes in Hyperion has mixed things up a bit, but we will get into that more later. Personally, I would really like CCP to give us more reasons to fly a wider variety of ships in w-space but I can’t think of anything they could do to make that happen (short of nerfing T3s, which is likely to happen at some point anyway).

Frigates – The Little New Guy

The addition of the new frigate and destroyer only wormholes didn’t spark people to bring the very first frigates into w-space, but aside from an AF or maybe an EAF I think most frigates people had in w-space were covert ops frigates. A quick look at the w-space kills on zkillboard shows that there are definitely kills being made by gangs of frigates. Without being present at these kills I can only speculate but I think this shows that people are making use of this new wormhole type despite the previous complaints people had about the price of their pod compared to the price of most frigates. This is a minor shakeup, at most, to the meta, as you won’t be seeing anybody get evicted from their home by a cloud of frigates (though the youtube video of that would be amazing). However I still welcome this breath of fresh air to the meta as I find it new and exciting.


The Rest

There is definitely a place for ships other than T3s in w-space, but it is much smaller and generally only for specific reasons. Heavy interdictors (and even regular interdictors in some cases) are used quite often for one very important reason: podding somebody in w-space completely removes them from the fight. During an eviction/invasion scenario there will be special attention paid to podding everybody possible because podding them out of the wormhole lowers the numbers for the enemy and helps ensure hole control for your side. Every pod that escapes during a fight is likely to ship back up and return to the fight. Command ships can be useful as well because of the obvious benefit of having links running in combat. However, that is another role that T3s can fill so you may or may not see many actual command ships out in w-space. Other than command ships you can find various drone boats (Vexor/VNI/Ishtar) getting some decent use along with dedicated neut boats like the Bhaalgorn or the Armageddon. Lastly, pretty much any ship that can warp cloaked can find some use in w-space (like the Stratios).


This post shouldn’t be seen as a whine about the current meta in w-space, as it is definitely in a better shape currently than other places I’ve lived in my EVE career (like lowsec prior to the nano nerf). While I would like to see things get shaken up a bit more I am still enjoying life in wormhole space and there is no telling what CCP could do in the future that might affect things in w-space.  
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