Purity of the Throne Comes to EVE


The next live event have begun in New Eden. The event itself functions very similarly to the Blood Raiders and other events of that ilk. While this is still very new, there is a lot we can figure out about how the sites work, what it’s rewards are going to be, and what kind of lore we can see tied to this sort of event.

Event Sites:

Sites called “Purity of the Throne Exaltation Temple” now appear throughout New Eden. I didn’t see any major differences between the five sites I ran in lowsec and the site I ran in highsec. It is also worth noting that the sites I found were in Gallente space.


The site has multiple Amarrian structures and starts with a handful of frigates and one to three cruisers (the wave numbers seem randomized). Completely killing the wave starts a second wave consisting of about a dozen more frigates and a few more cruisers. Fully clearing that wave spawns the final wave of one battlecruiser and several more frigates. Although like many of the events before this, the only rat that drops any loot at all is the battlecruiser. The other ships do have small bounties but the primary reward is the BC’s loot.

At one point I did manage to trigger the third wave apparently without finishing all of the second, however, trying to clear all frigates first, and trying to clear all cruisers first did not seem to help.

The DPS of the site is pretty low, my Stratios managed it with no problem, using a set of hobgoblin II’s I was able to effectively AFK the sites while writing this piece.


The big change from previous sites seems to be the absence of a first room. There is no acceleration gate and so no warning for those who come to join you. Additionally, this means the sites are quite a bit faster to run.

There is a bug that causes players to lose Amarr standings for killing the rat, However CCP Falcon has announced this is a known bug, and will be corrected and reimbursed without the need for a support ticket.

The Loot:

The only real loot of worth is the new Purity of the Throne set of SKINs. Each site drops one SKIN for one random ship. Both T1 and T2 ships dropped. Unlike the last event, there is no SKIN for the T3d, leaving the Serpentis Hecate as the only T3 with a SKIN visible in the Ship Viewer. I received no other meaningful loot.

View a gallery of the new SKINs here.


The Lore:

Purists are refusing to accept the results of the Amarr Championship

The ‘Purity’ sites are seemingly related to recent events surrounding the coronation of Empress Catiz. The issue being that Catiz may be a “mixed breed” and perhaps has Udorian blood. There are many fanatical factions within the Amarr (and one could make a solid argument that the entire Amarr structure is pretty fanatical). It appears as if the Purists are refusing to accept the results of the Amarr Championship and instead have taken to terrorism. Learning from the success of Upwell in working with capsuleers (and the disaster that was the Drifter Incursions) the Amarr have enlisted us to help, allowing us to take the SKINs as plunder.

The displeasure of these purists is alredy showing. The Imperial Guard have commented upon the dissent saying “there are some who would like to prevent the rightful ascension of the Empress to the throne, based on ridiculous notions of inappropriate lineage and impurity. The Imperial Guard is here to ensure that any such heretical behavior and rumors are quashed with extreme prejudice.”

A few days later those words were reinforced as a chemical attack upon the Imperial Family station was largely thwarted. With all this going on, it is pretty easy to assume that the players are going to be hired, as they have recently, too cause economic and military hardship upon their enemies.

The coronation is set to happen later this month, and likely this event will land either shortly before, or shortly after. Either way, we can rest assured that this Empress with have a no easier time than the last.


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