PLEX Winner


So, the final answer to our contest question from episode 17 of how many members there would be in -A- at 2359 Eve on Saturday 20th Jan was 1825. Now, Terra Infector Adounel had picked 1850 and Bagehi had picked 1800 which means it’s a tie. In our last PLEX contest we also had a tie and went with the person who guessed first so we are doing the same again. This time, by a whole eight days, that was Bagehi.

Bagehi, I’ll have Jeg send you over the PLEX as soon as possible. But don’t worry Terra – we won’t let you go home empty-handed either. As a wee bonus prize, I’ll throw you over 100m ISK from my own account once I get back from this trip offshore. Don’t let me forget! Thanks everyone who took part – some of the answers were fantastic!


Stay tuned for the next episode of the best podcast in Eve Online.

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Jeg Elsker is the brains behind the Crossing Zebras team. While Xander may come up with all the fanciful ideas, Jeg was the dude with the technical ability to create the Crossing Zebras site and all the technical infrastructure required to go with it. On top of this, he somehow manages to temper Xander’s enthusiasm on the podcast with some tempered reason and sense