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After reading Jeg’s post yesterday I realise one of the things I have always struggled to achieve in EVE is a long term skill plan. Over the past few months I hammered out an idea of where Xander Phoena will be going in the near future from his lowly base of 25m SP currently.


I had spent lots of SP up to now (over a third of my total) on gunnery, specifically on autos and arties what with being a Minmitar dude and all. I also trained stuff like Logistics V and Amarr/Minmitar Cruiser V to ensure I could always fly logi in shield or armour fleets. However, all this meant that I was lacking SP in a lot of different areas.

In the past few weeks, I’ve filled a lot of glaring holes including Advanced Weapon Upgrades V, Heavy Assault Ships, Assault Frigates, Interdictors, Cov Ops, Stealth Bombers and all the necessary paraphernalia required to fit all those different ships effectively including Torpedoes and Bombs and the like.

Moving ahead, the next few months are looking like this

Propulsion Jamming V, Science V – this is so I can actually, you know, use bubbles with that Dictor I have trained for. Propulsion Jamming V is a bit of a long one which sucks but rather tidy it away and get it done so I can learn to fly Sabres properly at long last.

After that, the plan is to immediately train for Heavy Missile Launcher IIs seeing as I am pretty much the only person in EVE who can’t fly a T2-fitted Drake properly.

Then, it’s a long and painful stint on lasers. Plan is to train Small/Medium/Large Energy Turret to V and then the Beam and Pulse Small/Medium/Large Specs to IV mirroring what I did with Autos and Arties. All in all, a good 10-12 weeks of training there alone. Oracles are used extensively by AAA and their allies so training up for T2 lasers is vital.

And then go back to missiles and do pretty much the same thing all over again.

I don’t care much about hybrids because in the fleets I fly in, they generally aren’t used in typical doctrines. The key fits tend to be Tornados, Baddons, Tengus, Stealth Bombers and Oracles with the odd Drake fleet thrown in for good measure. In six months though I should be able to fly missiles, lasers and turrets in any sub-cap class of ship pretty much perfectly.

After that, I think I’ll do the two Cruiser Vs I am missing then on to Leadership skills but that won’t happen before 2012 is finished.

I guess the point of this is twofold. Firstly, to give you some insight in the thought-processes of someone who struggles to be regimented and specific when it comes to long term skill planning. Secondly, it acts as a bloody good reminder to myself 8 weeks down the line when I have forgotten everything I sat and figured out!

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