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  One of the many community developed tools, EVE Pirate’s Little Helper is a multi-purpose program that helps the user find targets to hunt and kill. It’s a rather simple concept overall, in which various data pulled from sites like zKillboard/EVE-Kill, the in-game DScan tool, and other sources creates the backbone of the program. There are three basic components to the program’s usage:

The Local Scan Tool

This portion of the program simply pulls characters in local chat and compares them to losses on EVE-Kill and zKillboard. The data pulled can tell you if a player is – based of the losses on those sites – potentially cynobait, an ECM heavy player, a potential Capital alt and so forth. It can also give you a quick overview of a their PVP proficiency, helping find a weaker foe more easily. To use the Local Scan Tool, simply click on someone in your local with the EVE Pirate’s Little Helper open and then press Ctrl + A followed by Ctrl + C. EVE’s Pirate Little Helper will then pull information and place it into the local scan window. You can whittle down what is shown by using an API key to cut out any allies that are in local which is quite nice to have.

DScan Locator

The DScan locator is not much different than using a method to pinpoint a player in system. However what the program does do well is cut down the time spent fiddling about with the in-game D-Scan tool. Simply copying what is on scan while the DScan Locator window is open will automatically place a new distance in the user’s clipboard (i.e. your Ctrl+V). Placing that number into the distance setting and running through the process can cut down the time it takes to pinpoint a potential target significantly. Now this isn’t the be all end all of scanning methods, but it’s a useful launching point for a new player as well as the more lazy of EVE players. Using the tool can be done in the following steps: Open the DScan Locator in EVE’s Pirate Little Helper as well as the in-game Directional Scan tool. Once open, make sure to un-check “Use Active Overview Setting” in the in-game DScan window and scan at maximum range with a 360 degree area. Once the ships are shown, tab your DScan over to the Probe Scanner and Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C the anomalies in system. Once done, click on a ship that is to be scanned down and then press Ctrl + V in the DScan tool and press scan. After that is done, click on an item in the scanned items shown and press Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C, and several of the celestial and anomalies will be removed. This is done to whittle down the location of the target. A new range can now be Ctrl + V’d into the range area of the DScan window, and this is where the repetition kicks in. Simply repeat this process until all anomalies and celestial have either been eliminated from the potential area the target is located in or until the DScan Locator can’t find the ship due to it’s position having changed.

POS Mapper

Similar to the DScan Locator, the POS Mapper simply takes the same method for finding a ship and pinpoints POSes and modules. What is really useful is that it can show what sort of lootable items are part of that POS. This would include Research Facilities, CSAAs etc. in order to find a specific target much easier. It’s a very useful tool to have when doing POS bashes in Highsec, Lowsec, and even in Nullsec. As stated in our video overview of the program, the fact that it is a simple to use and effective DScan tool that takes up little to no window space is an important factor in using it. Pirate’s Little Helper can be hot swapped with other windows without much issue, making it far quicker and easier to use than a webpage based DScan tool.
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Hendrick Tallardar

Hendrick has been a New Eden resident since 2009. After a short career as a space trucker and stint in GoonWaffe, he later joined SniggWaffe before becoming enchanted with the powers of Taylor Swift and ascending to HABIT. A video wizard, he runs his own YouTube channel ( while overseeing CZ's video needs.

  • CMIV

    Link in the first line need fixing. Nice vid. Great app.

    • Niden

      Was fixed, but reverted to the broken one for unknown reason. Anyway, it’s fixed, again. Thanks.

  • Great article and video, thank you!
    Would you mind, if I embed the vid and link to this article from ? I think it does a much better job describing the tool than my crappy vids :).

    Also if you have any feature wishes or ideas for improvements, like the IHUB finder in the video, please just tell me. I’m eager to improve the tool and often implement things based on user suggestions.

    And with regard to the “legality” of the tool. It does not violate any EULA/ToS rules atm, but rest assured that if CCP should change their rules that I will always immediately comply with them and would change/remove features, if needed.
    I don’t want to cheat with the tool, but make tedious/repetitive tasks faster.
    I started working on a private version when I was a few weeks/months into EVE and my corp did a POS bash while i had to watch a neighboring system and tell the corps/alliances of newly joining characters.
    That was so incredibly boring that I
    a) wanted to automate the task and started PLH and
    b) never actually did such a task again 😀

    • Hendrick Tallardar

      Yeah feel free to use the video.

    • Niden

      You’re welcome to use the video. We love PLH 🙂 We were raving about it in the CZ staff Skype channel. I’ve been using it roaming around lowsec and it’s amazing, I’ll be sure to drop you a line if I think of any feature or improvement I’d like to see.

      • That is very nice to hear, thank you!
        I will add the video once i’m back home in a few days.

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  • Chaz Ratzlaff

    Thoughtful discussion – Apropos , if anybody requires to rearrange two PDF files , my friend came upon text here