On Grid – Episode 1


Welcome to On Grid, New Eden’s latest podcast. Elise Randolph, Mike Azeriah and Ashterothi dive deep into the topics of EVE, putting the news into context.

Last week on The o7 Show we got more details about the changes coming to fleet boosts (#DeathToOffGridBoosts). Our trio dive into the history of fleet boosts, and try to wrestle with the future for boosting and it’s impact for EVE.

On Grid – Episode 1

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Outline for the discussion –

Question for the panel – How much SP do you have in leadership, and why?

Zkill guide to boosting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqYxiInH0tU
Zkill guide to the Nighthawk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghoPrNaUBtY

Out music – “Below the Airhorns” by Nick Fuzzeh https://soundcloud.com/nickfuzzeh/below-the-airhorns

What are Fleet Boosts?

  • Skills required
  • Types of boosts
  • What it takes to get the most out of boosters
  • Amount of impact boosts make
  • Biggest problems with the system
    • Passive
    • Invisible
    • High SP requirements
    • Expensive
    • To effectively boost you have to have a non-combat ship

Where are they going?

  • On Grid
  • Limited duration (1-2 minutes)
  • Scripted (ammo?)
  • Doesn’t require command positions
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Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.