On Grid – Episode 1


Welcome to On Grid, New Eden’s latest podcast. Elise Randolph, Mike Azeriah and Ashterothi dive deep into the topics of EVE, putting the news into context.

Last week on The o7 Show we got more details about the changes coming to fleet boosts (#DeathToOffGridBoosts). Our trio dive into the history of fleet boosts, and try to wrestle with the future for boosting and it’s impact for EVE.

On Grid – Episode 1

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Outline for the discussion –

Question for the panel – How much SP do you have in leadership, and why?

Zkill guide to boosting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqYxiInH0tU
Zkill guide to the Nighthawk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghoPrNaUBtY

Out music – “Below the Airhorns” by Nick Fuzzeh https://soundcloud.com/nickfuzzeh/below-the-airhorns

What are Fleet Boosts?

  • Skills required
  • Types of boosts
  • What it takes to get the most out of boosters
  • Amount of impact boosts make
  • Biggest problems with the system
    • Passive
    • Invisible
    • High SP requirements
    • Expensive
    • To effectively boost you have to have a non-combat ship

Where are they going?

  • On Grid
  • Limited duration (1-2 minutes)
  • Scripted (ammo?)
  • Doesn’t require command positions
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Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.

  • Matterall

    Sounds good for players frolm all skill levels. GL with this guys!

  • Viince_Snetterton

    And what of all the people that dedicated ridiculous amounts of skill time to help an entire fleet. Oh yeah, screw them.

    • Epithet

      Those people got the benefit of being able to boost fleets during the whole time right up until change; it’s not like that training time entitles you to boost fleets for time everlasting – it enabled you do use the implemented system as long as it was, well, implemented.

    • shadoos eyebrows

      ripped mine out of boosting toon and sold the sp before the mass dump when changes hit

  • Roedyn

    Great first show. I really like your format. It feels like a more technically oriented Talking In Stations. Great job and keep it up.

  • Q Sertorius

    I enjoyed listening to the show, but I take issue with the idea that it’s okay to make leadership skills work completely differently because we have skill extractors and injectors now. It is okay to completely change the way leadership skills work in the future, but that has nothing to do with skill extractors or injectors. If CCP really believes that they are so fundamentally changing leadership skills, such that vast numbers of people will want to get rid of those skills, they should simply refund the skills and SP as they did with the stupid learning skills.

    I’m of the opinion, however, that whatever changes CCP puts into place should make people want to spend six months training leadership skills and not extract them. As someone who routinely flies an on-grid boosting Claymore in small gang fights, with nearly maxed out leadership skills on three characters, and decent ones on two others, I want to use those skills more in the future. I don’t want to scroll quickly past an extracted wasteland of leadership skills when I look at my character sheet. I want to be excited that those skills give me the ability to help my fleets in new and exciting ways.

    • Ashterothi

      I agree that leadership skills should still be useful. I was speaking specifically about booster alts which now have “no purpose”. If the AFK boosting was the only reason you trained it, people would cry for a refund (which is always a stupid debate IMO). However, with extractors they can render large numbers of alt characters “useless” without having to account for it with the community nearly as much.

  • One Two

    In FW space i can see the OGB crowd simply sitting their daredevil beside their booster, grabbing a buff, then heading into the plex to engage the poor goober in the plex that is thinking that now with OGB gone they will be able to get some fair(ish) fights.

    If your in a plex you will have to assume the guy coming in has been buffed.

    still Its gotta be an improvement.

    • Dr.P.A.esq

      I would hope that one has to remain in range of the booster -or the booster’s bubble- to continue to receive the benefits of said boost.

      • Blaster Boat

        This is not how its been presented. You get hit with the buff, and then said buff remains until its timer expires regardless of the buff-ship’s location as long as you were in range when the buffs where handed out.

        • Dr.P.A.esq

          Nooo, That is poop. Or I think that is poop with my limited vision and understanding. Drive by boosting? If we are going to have drive by boosting, why not drive by nerf-ing as well? All enemy ships in this area just lost 20% tracking for a minute, regardless of if you kill me -the nerfer- or pull range from me, or go off grid. I don’t think I like that. I like that idea of being able to “move away from, or destroy” and effect. -pos or neg- My understanding may be limited, or I may be missing something, or not thinking things through completely.

          • Blaster Boat

            Actually this mechanic uses the same method as the AoE capital and citadel effects do now. At least they will be on grid, CCP likes to make very incremental changes, so things don’t go totally to hell.

            Eve players are very….

            EP: Fix links!
            CCP: ok we fixed links.
            EP: Not like that! This is game breaking OMGWTFBBQ!!?!?! CCP is shit UNsubbing forever!

            There also are usually future changes that ccp knows about that we dont, so sometimes things that dont make total sense will after the changes are complete.

          • Dr.P.A.esq

            Now that sounds better. “This is what we can do, for now. This shit is hard and complicated. This is what we’d like to do… This is what we are trying to do… And of course we’ll be inerating and improving on it based on observation and suggestions.” That line I can totally stomach. “Here it is. Done. F-you.” Not so much.

          • Ashterothi

            hoo boy is this true

          • Ashterothi

            Technically you have that with Supercarriers

        • One Two

          Yeah that’s how i have heard it explained too, But we wont really know till it hits SISI… I am just concerned that if it does work that way it doesn’t really do a lot to help resolve the use of OGB links in FW.

          If it works like bubbles, and or Hic’s it would resolve that, but then some of the fleet buffing stuff the guys discussed in the podcast might not work as they expect it…

          Still one can hope that killing OGB really does mean that you have to stay on grid … they are a whole lot larger these days after all…

        • Jare

          like a priest in WOW *rolls eyes*

          • Ashterothi

            Fun fact: they just removed bufff from WoW, you now just give out your buffs to anyone in your raid without having to cast anything

  • Blaster Boat

    More quality podcast content! Enjoyed start to finish.

  • The Raggy

    Ash – knocked it out of the park, I loved it and is subbed on my phone.

    My one suggestion would be change / drop that intro because it’s super dupe cringe kthnx

    • Ashterothi

      🙁 It is literally my favorite part.

      I am thinking about how to restructure the intro, but an attempt of an “epic” feel is definitely a goal.