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CCP announced today that, effective November 8th, all gambling involving EVE assets will be considered a breach of the EULA. While we remain supportive of actions CCP takes to address violations of the EULA, we are concerned that the scope of this action, and particularly the broad expansion of the EULA’s scope going forward, will negatively impact numerous community-driven enterprises.

Crossing Zebras is fortunate. We have an established brand, stable leadership and have been able to plan for the future. We will adapt and find new ways forward. In this case, however, change is inevitable as a direct result of this update to the EULA. We believe that our staff’s hard work should be rewarded, and will do everything possible to make sure that our writers and podcasters continue getting paid for what they bring to you. That will be harder now, though.

Without our sponsors, we must seek new ways to compensate our writers, editors, IT staff, administrators, video makers, and podcasters for the hard work they put in to bring you content. CZ isn’t a site that runs on goodwill, or pays its writers based on real-world revenues. We value our independence from ingame political entities. You probably won’t see much change out of Crossing Zebras, at least not at first. We’ll be fine, at least for a while. The Crossing Zebras content you enjoy will continue to be available free of charge, regardless of changes we make to our funding model.

Our true concern today is for those in the community without the stability we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to establish. Valuable community resources like Crossing Zebras, Eve News 24, EVE_NT, along with a considerable number of other sites, podcasters, streamers, contests, in-game events, meetups, content creators, E-sports, and other entities in the EVE community, will need to reinvent themselves. Creative voices who can afford to take time to tell stories because they’re paid in ISK for their work may find less incentive to speak. Fewer stories from fewer voices may be shared by the community.

We can assure you, as longtime participants in the EVE media world, that no one gets into this business to get rich, but it certainly makes it easier to devote some of your gaming time to creative pursuits if you know you’ll be paid for your work. As already stated, we’ll be fine here at Crossing Zebras, but we and our staff value so many other voices, events, and groups within the community who may not be so lucky, and we are saddened that CCP is taking actions that sweep them, and longtime partners like EVE-Bet, up alongside those few bad eggs in the gambling community

We are concerned that a major part of what we broadly call the EVE media will be severely diminished because of the actions of a few individuals. We fear that these changes may prevent the next generation of voices from sharing their views, displaying their talents, or devoting their time to fleshing out the EVE universe and contributing to its community. We hope CCP will consider the substantial secondary effects brought about by today’s actions as they move forward.


– The CZ Management Team

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12 year EVE veteran, Snuffed Out scumbag, writer, graphic artist, producer, Editor-in-Chief of Crossing Zebras and the second most influential player in EVE, according to EVE Onion.

  • Stuff

    “Independence” lol How much did IWI pay you to post as much anti-imperium propaganda possible? Get real.

    • OhTakashawa

      We have never had a relationship, professional or otherwise, with IWI.

      • Resnar

        Yeah that’s what IWI was saying about RMT : ‘we don’t RMT we are good guy’

        • OhTakashawa

          And they were lying, and got banned for it. Eve-bet remains entirely above-board – no bans. Note the distinction.

          • Muul Udonii

            Still banned as a service from nov 8th though…

            It does seem like hurting people who have done nothing wrong because of ones that have. Why did it take CCP so long to uncover RMTing, that’s what I want to know.

          • bardghost

            Its not just the RMT that’s caused the change, Ever since the CS:GO gambling scandal hit it was only a matter of time before CCP would hit eve-bet and other sites.

          • Kamar Raimo

            A really good question, especially considering that a member of the security team has mentioned that he is very unhappy with the fact that IWI wasn’t tackled earlier.

        • Tyler Hall

          It’s pretty disingenuous to say Iwi was involved in rmt at an organisational level, there were some bad apples, if it was systemic ccp would have stomped it put ages ago

          • You can’t rule out that there could have been some at CCP that defended and/or benefited from IWI… The January ban then unban of bankers, as well as some public frustrated comments at fanfest may have been the signs of internal differences that are now clearly settled.

    • Ashterothi

      Um… none? Like even when CZ got into bed with EVEBet all those years ago, it was under the understanding that Xander could do whatever he wanted, as long as he mentioned them in his podcast, and put their link on the site.

      I get the political crap is fun, but I fear you are overshooting it a bit.

    • Kamar Raimo

      You make it sound like anybody needs to be paid to be Grr Goons. You are talking about the group who have consistently been doing their best to be hated by everyone who is not under their wing.

      • Arrendis


  • SterlingJack

    I think most people not directly receiving the RMT isk, prefer less content rather than RMT funded content.

    • Niden

      Again, there is no RMT around CZ or Eve Bet, we’re essentially getting shafted because someone else RMTd.

      • Mostlyharmlesss

        Well maybe if you had distanced yourself along with EVE-Bet when the first accusations arised against IWI, but instead you kept drinking the koolaid. Going back in your articles archive I see close to zero coverage of this. Hell, even when first initial 11 bankers that got banned and the callout of Bobmon by Team Security afterwards during Fanfest isn’t covered.

        You have done essentially nothing to combat these bad apples and now you’re whining cause they are dropping into your garden after watching the tree growing for a year and a half.

        • Baculus Orden

          I love you and I love your posting please marry me.

        • Messiah Complex

          TIL it’s any player’s responsibility to combat RMT.

        • Ashterothi

          What gets written about is 100% up to the writers.

          I for one never felt I had enough of a bead on this topic to write something. I did talk about it when it came up on podcasts like TiS

          • Mostlyharmlesss

            That doesn’t make it any better, quite the opposite. You’d think CZ would do its due diligence to keep tabs on anything regarding its only serious income stream. This is exactly what I mean with drinking the koolaid – No one from the CZ staff thought to step back and take a look at the overall picture of EVE gambling. There were so many signs that this was happening.

          • Kamar Raimo

            First of all, NosyGamer already did a great job of covering this. Second, we did in the past write articles about illicit money making schemes. I know because I wrote it. Xander Phoena, founder of this site, also spoke out publicly against it. At least we are not the hypocrites who wanted to set up their own gambling sites and are now smugging from some about-face fake moral high ground because our gambling initiative failed.

          • Mostlyharmlesss

            NosyGamer does not rely on gambling ISK to keep his site running – It is for you to follow up on these things to cover your bases and make sure nothing illicit happens. Your failure to do so is exactly why you find yourself in this situation. So, if you covered other RMT things, why not this vital one. Personally, I would consider the accusations raised against IWI to be alarming as hell and be forced to investigate further – Like I said, all the evidence was there and I am 100% sure that a single EVE mail to the Mittani would have resulted in him handing you over the things he released internally to GSF.

            Xander Phoena has not been active in EVE for months, if not years. Niden is considered the head man of CZ and CZ as a site has at no point spoken out against these things. You can’t take a several year old quote and feign ignorance.

            If you had done any research before making such idiotic claims, you would relatively easily find out that I was actively working to stop the gambling site from ever being launched. My alliance ticker has nothing to do with this.

          • Kamar Raimo

            How am I exactly supposed to do research on someone who posts on our site with some random nickname I don’t recognize. I also wasn’t accusing you of anything. I have no idea who you are.

          • Niden

            Oh come on man, you’re suggesting that we were turning a blind eye to RMT because that somehow benefitted CZ. Jesus fucking christ. Take off the tinfoil and get some fresh air.

          • Mostlyharmlesss

            If that’s what you think, then you did not understand ANYTHING of what I wrote.

          • Rob Kaichin

            “Like I said, all the evidence was there and I am 100% sure that a single EVE mail to the Mittani would have resulted in him handing you over the things he released internally to GSF.”

            Why wasn’t this published?

            “If you had done any research before making such idiotic claims, you would relatively easily find out that I was actively working to stop the GSF gambling site from ever being launched. My alliance ticker has nothing to do with this.”

            With all due respect, he was talking about “the hypocrites who wanted to set up their own gambling sites and are now smugging from some about-face fake moral high ground because [their] gambling initiative failed.” The named promoters of the EGC are all still in the Imperium. A certain volte-face has happened, to be sure.

            And, if you look here: , you’ll find a series of fascinating defences of setting up a gambling website. My favourite is the one where ‘no-one would possibly RMT, because the difference between in-game purchasing power and out-of-game purchasing power is so huge.’

            Oh, wow, that turned out to be wrong…

          • Mostlyharmlesss

            It WAS published and I am fairly sure Kcolor even posted it on reddit but got downvoted to hell because hurr goons.

            He is trying to do the classic “All goons are the same hive mind” and trying to use that argument that it was something the entire alliance supported and thus making the entire alliance “Bad guys”.

            Why are you trying to blur the discussion by bringing up TMC? As far as I know, TMC is not currently begging for CCP to keep the gambling sites open so they can continue to be fed ISK. It has zero relevance in this discussion!

          • Rob Kaichin

            The article, if you’d have taken the time to read it, was about the announcement of a gambling club on the official mouthpiece of your own coalition.

            Speaking of official mouthpieces, Kcolor, who spent the entirety of WWB making malicious, untruthful allegations that Gobbins was an RMTer (and who only apologised this morning…) is hardly a person who Reddit might expect a truthful release from.

            Certainly, if it was published on TMdC, I didn’t see it.

            Now, what you’re really trying to say is “Because I opposed this gambling site, there was no official backing for a gambling site.”

            We both know that’s absurd. The comments on the article I linked, as contrasted with the comments on this article, provide the evidence for that backing, and the volte-face that has happened.

            If you ask me, ” hypocrites who […] are now smugging from some about-face fake moral high ground” is a pretty damn good description of exactly what’s going on here.

            But, you won’t ask me.

          • Arrendis

            Certainly, if it was published on TMdC, I didn’t see it.

            If it was published on TMC, I didn’t see it… that said, we did release all our info to CCP.

          • Rob Kaichin

            That was meant to be an invitation to point the article out to me…

          • Khergit Deserters


        • Khergit Deserters

          ::sigh:: Crap, what’s your gripe, and what are you complaining about? Observers complaining about what other people could have-would have-should have done.

      • Not Quite

        You aren’t being shafted because someone else RMT’d, you’re being shafted because gambling game money of any kind is taking serious legal heat in multiple countries. I see the concurrent RMT bust as just icing on the cake and a way for CCP to rally the players.


          Government run lotteries can’t have this competition floating around now can they. Think of the children for god sake. “But be sure to buy your super-gigant-o ball ticket. You could be the big winner. and remember we are doing it all for the children”

          • Matterall

            Yeah buy you can’t buy a ticket if you are underage. And you can play EVE, so gambling and video games is a bad mix that is feeling the pressure right now, as it should.

          • Jare

            Oh waa waa little timmy might lose his iskies… really? Its fake money being called real money by a bunch of brain-dead bureaucrats trying to find the next war on drugs so they can get elected next cycle, or so they have something to show their supervisor, and get a pat on their head like a good boy. Textbook government over reach affecting what happens in a digital spaceship game ffs. Please don’t pretend this has anything to do with the children, just with the hearts, minds, and votes of soccer moms. Oh and Valve’s wallet (mostly this). As far as eve goes, if we are banning gambling we better ban scamming too, because little timmy might get all his internet space money taken from him. God forbid he learn an important life lesson the easy way by losing all his fake money to a scammer or a slot machine, not his real money. Rant over back to not gambling or accepting jita contracts, because I have half a brain.


            While I agree that gambling in EVE likely “has to go away” because of RMT opportunity and that. Are you suggesting that gambling shouldn’t appear in any game that is sold to underage players? Any game that has gambling in it is a bad idea. I am also aware, and on board with gambling addiction now being an official -DSMV- disorder. I am not being antagonistic, I am just wondering how far this goes. 18+ for games with gambling or gambling like content? I totally see the danger in the games where you can purchase the currency to be gambled with. I could see people arguing that exposure to gambling, even in a single player game where the assets exist only within the game, is a bad idea. This is muddy water, just the type I enjoy sifting through, and mulling over.

  • Rob Kaichin

    It’s a pleasure to see the bold, independent voices of conscience speaking out in favour of less content to comment on.


    An interesting move with many, many negative consequences. CCP should step up.

    • CCP did step up. They’re responding to the legal problems Valve is facing concerning third-party gambling sites, and preemptively removing the threat of litigation from themselves if and when they fall foul of the law in this regard.

      • Rob Kaichin

        Step up to alleviate those consequences, is what I mean.

  • Baʕal Ander

    WTF? You mean RMTers have to get jobs like the rest of us? No way! My heart bleeds peanut butter. I’ve been paying for my subscription out of pocket for 11 years. I wish my stories and experiences in a game paid my bills but, alas, gaming is a privilege that I earn by keeping up with all my responsibilities, like my actual “real” paying job.

    • Niden

      Neither CZ or Eve Bet have ever been involved in RMT. In fact Eve Bet have supported the community in amazing ways throughout their years, and always done it legitimately. I pay for my subscriptions too buddy. It’s about giving content creators something back for their hours of hard work.

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  • Anonymous

    So, you conveniently leave out Imperium news site as part of the valueable community resource list. I understand that this change affect CZ directly, but conveniently leaving out a site that is part of the community is wrong. Please update this article to include it.

    • Niden

      The difference is that Imperium.News are entirely unaffected by this. They sell ads on their site and have deals with gaming companies to make their actual RL money.

    • luobote kong

      Why. In what possible way does the absence of your preferred media site diminish the thrust of the piece? Turning off a source of ingame income impacts all that benefited from it. Including TMC streamers

    • Nayl mkoll

      He left it out because tmc was never sponsored by these now banned entities isk go to tweet fleet mittens himself wrote ‘Goonswarm sends our kind regards to IWI, CZ, EN24, and everyone in #eveonline impacted by the much-needed underage gambling ban. #tweetfleet’

      Despite them trying to make a casino site and failing miserably.

      • Rob Kaichin

        Could someone point me to a child that’s gambling illegally?

        • Arrendis

          Well, there’s Boat…

        • bardghost

          Under certain laws in certain countries anyone under 18 using any of these sites would be a person gambling illegally. Not going to lie but before I hit 18 I was using eve-bet, Personally never considered it as a real form of gambling, but there has been a lot of media attention recently and people are beginning to consider it legit gambling.

          • Hell, Japan and South Korea have very strict laws regarding gambling, and we know people from both countries play this game.

          • Rob Kaichin

            Did you also have permission from your parents to play Eve, and did they send that permission to CCP?

          • bardghost

            Nope, but then when I started playing the EULA stated 13 years of age or something like that.

    • OhTakashawa

      Hi, I wrote most of this statement. I left that site out because it is operated not as community resources, but as a for-profit businesses, and shouldn’t be affected by this based on its funding model, so I didn’t see a reason to include them.

      • Ryan

        Imperium.News is a resource for the Imperium community and the general public with similar interests, and a part of that is the EVE community we have in common. We wish the sites and authors affected by this change the best.

    • Arrendis

      No need. As others have mentioned, this change won’t affect TMC/Imperium News at all. And yes, Nayl, we did try to set up a casino, a year+ ago, and failed hilariously at it. Guess we lucked out there. Still, as I said in my piece on TMC/IN, we’re all pulling for CZ and everyone else to weather this.

      • xanderphoena

        Thank you for your kind comment Arrendis. We’re in the very fortunate position of suspecting that something like this might happen and preparing accordingly but there is certainly going to be a period of readjustment for a lot of community entities.

        • I wish CZ the best going forward. You have a lot of good writers and a lot of good articles. It would be a shame if that ended and a net loss for the EVE Community.

          • Niden

            It is, without a doubt, a net loss. That I can guarantee. Less sponsors means the big guys struggle and the little guys are snuffed out. Support for a whole army of EVE content creators just died. I don’t think people yet understand the price we all just paid, they’re too busy going for their pitchforks and tinfoil. You needn’t look further than comments to this article or reddit to see knee-jerk reactions and a witch hunt mentality – babies being thrown out with the bath water in a big way. People don’t understand the support that was just removed from the EVE Online community. But it will become quite apparent in the next couple of months I’ll warrant.

          • I am a little guy. Never received ISK from anybody, never going to add ads to my site, and will continue to blog/publish/comment the way I have been doing it from the start. Why would I be snuffed out?

          • Grath

            Who would notice if you were?

          • no one, probably… just surprised that the mighty Grath that signed the B0tlrd accords even acknowledged my modest post. I am sure no-one noticed either when I left Goons at the time to protest this kind of shit.

          • Grath

            It was a trick question, I would notice, and I would care, because every person who stops streaming EVE is a net loss to EVE.

          • Fair enough. I would just add that streaming for the main purpose of gaining ISKs from sponsors is probably as questionable as participating in the creation of a blue donut for the purpose of keeping control of the main resources without having to fight for them all the time. In both cases, it is playing the game without taking much risks.

  • Obil Que

    There is no question that EVEbet and the other sites not banned from RMT are getting the worst end of this. It is a bit disingenuous, however, to say that this is not an unexpected development. As part of the EVE community, I’m sure you’ve seen Nosy Gamers blog posts on how Valve is being hammered with lawsuits surrounding third party gambling linked to real money trading. While CCPs involvement certainly is far more peripheral than Valve’s on the surface, it was almost inevitable that, with IWI or anyone of that caliber being found again to have been involved with RMT that the entire gambling ecosystem around EVE would be in jeopardy.

    EVE players created content before gambling sites.
    They will continue to create content after.

    Your practices may have to change, you may have to enlist people who will create content through their own generosity of time or find sponsors willing to providing ISK financial sponsorship to you outside of gambling. I wish you the best of luck with that. I, however, do not doubt the resilience and generosity of much of the EVE community and while this may mean transition in the meta world of EVE media, I don’t doubt that it will survive.

    • OhTakashawa

      I agree that people will continue creating content, just as they did before. But outside funding enabled greater growth of community sites and resources and events than at any stage in EVE’s decade plus of history. Things like EVE_NT are unprecedented – stuff like that didn’t happen with the scale or frequency as it has since the start of the era of sponsorship.

  • haha

    This is fun watching you lose all the funding from dirty money.

  • u wot m8

    No, CCP won’t continue to allow unregulated and soon-to-be illegal gambling schemes so you can continue your hobby projects.

  • DireNecessity

    Disconcerting day.

    • Viince_Snetterton

      Why? The null sec cartels’ especially goons, just scored their biggest meta victory ever. The largest existential threat to goons was just removed from the game without goons ever firing a shot. And the RMT cartels just moved back to the front of the line with regard to ISK streams under the control of a select few.

      • DireNecessity

        “null sec cartels” – Drink!

        With necessary alcohol now imbibed, allow me to elaborate. I found the day disconcerting because two entities I’m involved with had their support funding pulled out from under them by CCP’s EULA change: Crossing Zebras (not a cartel member) and Pod & Planet (also not a cartel member).

        Crossing Zebra’s is confident they’ll survive. This greatly pleases me.

        Pod & Planet’s situation looks a little more tenuous. Examining their website (, it appears Eve-Bet put up nearly half this year’s prizes. Previous years display similar reliance on Casino donations. (See: As a contestant in every Pod & Planet contest to date, I can say that their decently sized prize pool added a great deal of gravitas to the endeavor. Winning a prize in Pod & Planet (which I managed on rare occasion) felt like more than mere participation ribbon, it felt like just reward for hard work. I appreciated that.

        I, for one, tend to think CCP’s decision to eliminate all ‘third party’ gambling was based on real life legal concerns. As much as that’s the case, I don’t fault them for their decision. They are a real life company with real life monetary interests. Unless the ‘null sec cartels’ are behind those real life legal concerns (are you claiming that Viince/Dinsdale?), this wasn’t a “meta victory” for them at all, but rather a serendipitous development.

        Shit happens. Sometimes its beneficial to you. Sometimes it’s a kick to the crotch.

        I got crotch kicked yesterday and found it disconcerting. Your experience with kicks to the crotch may vary. It’s a crazy world we live in. I’m not one to judge your peccadilloes.

        • Telegram Sam

          Indeed, the gambling sites’ kick in the crotch is sort of a kick felt ’round the world. For those of us (such as the Pod and Planet fiction contest and other events) that have relied on a kind of symbiotic relationship with gambling site donors. They provided much more ISK in donations (say, 25 bil at a pop) than we could ever hope to get from individual donors (say, up to 1 bil isk at a pop). The symbiotic relationship was that gambling site sponsors donated prizes which went directly to event winners, and in turn they got some p.r. from their sponsorship. But more than the p.r., they got a lot of intangible goodwill back from the community. Just because they were seen as participating in and supporting heroic efforts done by some of the most heroic oddballs in all of Eve. Fully meta, and meta Eve World at its best.
          Without the deep pockets meta-sites (gambling sites), not sure where community events such as Pod and Planet will scrounge funding. The fiction writing event just accidentally became community-wide because of big support from meta (gambling) sites. Back in the day (2012), we mailed a lot of big ingame alliances asking if they’d care to donate a few isk and sponsor. Response was zero, every mail unanswered. I suppose new models for community funding events will emerge, as we go forward. Eve community always adapts and evolves. A period of patience and HTFU might be required though.

  • Rishian Starfury

    With the lawsuits surrounding valve other litigation possible in the UK and elsewhere this seems more of a business decision than any type of punishment. Further when transitioning from pay2play model to more of a free2play model turning off isk faucets makes business sense. CCP wants as much real money going through their plex system as possible. To be honest casino money whether legitimate or otherwise is more akin to a social welfare program as opposed to real money advertising dollars based on clicks or banner ads. It is only a matter of time before the entire industry bans 3rd party gambling eventually the litigators will get a favorable decision.

    • Niden

      Well the result is that we’ll have to turn to traditional advertising and shit up the site with horrible banners no one wants to see and plenty of other ventures will simply have to shut down because they can no longer devote the time needed to create their content simply because they have to essentially spend that time generating ISK ingame.

      • Rishian Starfury

        Yeah it really does suck I blame the RMT’rs digital gambling across the entire gaming community is monetizing in game items and this ban by CCP I feel is a preemptive strike against pending or proposed litigation we all know CCP can be pretty timid around legal preasure

      • Can suggest that writers of CZ get paid in ISK and the ads that get put up on the site come from in game corporations like NC. ad that was displayed during the tournament etc. They pay you guys in isk to display their ad and you pay the authors with the isk generated from in game corporations. It may not work but just an idea. Use google’s ad business model where you display the ad for your site on other in game corporations websites and in return you display theirs. Everyone only pays based on the amount of clicks each other’s ad gets. You clearly need to think about changing your business model and think outside the box.

        If that worried about the running of your site have a yearly donation drive like a lot of corps like PL do to keep their sites running. Web hosting a CMS like this site the overheads are really not that much. Im sure if your content is worth saving people will be happy to chuck in rl money to keep the site up. There are heaps of other avenues to consider before you decide to put ugly click-bait banners everywhere with shit that isn’t even eve related like TMC does.

      • Vertigoe

        Welcome back to the game called Eve, learn to enjoy all aspects of it.

  • Rishian Starfury
  • DustVet

    Does this editorial suggest that CZ paid its contributors with RMT funds?

    • Niden

      Never, not even once.

    • Kamar Raimo

      We were paid by EVEbet who have in fact been vetted by CCP as being an honest and trustworthy institution as recently as the posts today. Of course with their lazy throw-out-the-baby-with-the-bathwater EULA change, CCP is shutting them down too.

      • Arrendis

        I sincerely doubt it’s laziness that prompted this, considering the developments with Valve. At this point, in the last 18 months, the ‘big’ gambling site for EVE Online has been involved in scandals that CCP has had to devote significant man-hours to dealing with not once, but at least three times. Somer Blink twice, and now IWI. If you were CCP, would you really want to have to pencil in ‘ban chunk of the playerbase every six months because ridiculous amounts of money changing hands invariably leads to corruption’? Or would you just say ‘you know what? Let’s get out of that market.’

        • Kamar Raimo

          You see, if they would be coming out and saying this. If they said that the authorities are cracking down on virtual currency gambling and they don’t have the time and capacity to deal with it, then I think the disappointment wouldn’t run that deep. I certainly would see their position in a different light. But in typical CCP manner they fail to communicate clearly.

  • Messiah Complex

    As others have said, I suspect Valve’s legal problems contributed to CCP’s decision. Given how long it took for CCP to complete its investigation of IWI, I also suspect that they just don’t want to devote the resources to casino monitoring anymore.

    I can’t blame them, but I’m rather pessimistic about the content landscape a year from now.

  • Daniel Adam

    May be you should play the game in the game not outside it!! Build an empire and make isk then give it to your staff.

  • schwaboy

    I personally feel like the collateral damage is totally worth it.

    • Kamar Raimo

      That’s what I thought too when the Imperium got thrown out of the North ;P

  • Mike Dawe

    If you choose to publish something I write the isk is just a bonus. Waive it or diminish it whatever helps keep you guys up and running.


  • Freelancer117

    Soon the EULA will prohibit, in game and as far as CCP thinks it’s jurisdiction extends:

    Drinking, Smoking, Taking Drugs, Gambling, Sexual Misbehavior and Swearing

    Legislating ethical and political correct behavior one eula change at a time.


    Regards, a Freelancer

    ps: make eve great again,

    • Arrendis

      Don’t be stupid. This is because of the Valve case. CCP’s going to be going through Steam for their f2p marketing, so they’re conforming to Valve’s standards before Valve forces them to (or may have already told them they need to). This isn’t at all about legislating ethical behavior, it’s about a necessary move for CCP’s business interests.

      • Khergit Deserters

        Indeed. The RMT thing is coincidental. The real thing is MMOs having to deal with legal issues because of 3rd party site gambling. Nobody needs that. Legal issues = pains in the ass = lost time = hiring counsel = money spent = ? other unneeded crap to deal with.

  • Aramis Rosicrux

    Gambling is addictive behavior. Gambling is easily abused as a money laundering tool. CCP is right to ban third party gambling.
    However, gambling within Eve would be fun and not abusive.
    I am one of the few who wanted the “walking in stations’ FEATURES THAT iNCARNA PROMISED.
    I can envision Eve players going to a casino in 3-d rendered space where people could interact with limits.
    Eve is an ANTI_SOCIAL game. Bringing people together in a social setting, like a virtual casino, or bar, or even a concert maybe, would offload those accounts from the main game, freeing system resources for the people in space.
    Lastly, CCP gains a lot of benefit from third party news sites. Perhaps CCP could incentivize third party sites with free game items or ISK or special themed skins?
    CCP sucks at publicity, and empowering third party fan sites is clearly a benefit to a game that seeks to grow its player base.

  • PB J

    This blog stays afloat depending entirely on whether writers here care enough about EVE to contribute to the community from their good will only. Or maybe a few Plex, worth less than what most of us make in 5 minutes at work.

    “we’re essentially getting shafted because someone else RMTd.”

    If your content is only good enough to survive because it is funded by RMTers and untouchable isk sources like casinos then rest in peace.

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