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Niden’s EVE career started in 2005, miserably, as a small time crook and pirate in lowsec. Being no more successful at mission running, which seemed like good idea at the time for some reason, he quit several times since then, sometimes for quite long periods, and has much less SP than age would suggest. In January 2013 however, he quit his terribad ways instead, and began a considerably less unsuccessful career of lowsec PvP – pretty much the only thing he’s any good at in EVE, as it turns out. He enjoyed an outlaw lifestyle under the guise of GalMil loyalist for several years, which was a complete farce since he will gladly shoot anyone he can get away with, and has recently stopped pretending and joined Snuff Box. 

Known widely as a special snowflake, Niden will take any excuse to fly an Angel Cartel ship, especially the Machariel with which he is morbidly in love and often grosses out his fleet mates by talking about it in a bedside manner.

As the Editor-in-Chief of Crossing Zebras, Niden has fingers in far too many pies (and chat channels), and is responsible for the all the content you see not being garbage. Author of the Lowlife column when time permits, which isn’t that often as Crossing Zebras continues to grow and get busier.

Some people call Niden an EVE “artist”, judge for yourself on his DeviantArt gallery. His work has also been published by CCP in social media and in famed artist Rixx Javix’ book Empyrean. He has written some EVE fiction (about the Niden character) which for some reason won an award in the annual Pod & Planet EVE fiction contest. JEFFRAIDER himself has asked that he never do that again. He has appeared on several podcasts, produced CZ TV at #EVE_NT, and is very active in the EVE community in general. You can bother him directly via his Twitter, on Tweetfleet Slack, in-game mail or regular mail to niden (at)

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12 year EVE veteran, Snuffed Out scumbag, writer, graphic artist, producer, Editor-in-Chief of Crossing Zebras and the second most influential player in EVE, according to EVE Onion.