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Being a lore nerd in EVE has its ups and downs. Some days you spend all day listening to distorted audio for no real results, but some times paying attention to what is going on behind the surface pays off. While most game companies like to keep some secrets in new content they are producing for their players, CCP seem to be unique in that they give so little indication that it often takes us some time to even discover something is going on.



CCP even clued us in that this video was important

On December 5, YC 119 ARC studios released a video entitled “The Discourse – Hidden Research Base Leads to New Implant Tech”. This video corresponded to the release of a new hacking implant called ‘Blackglass’ which specifically helped with virus strength in hacking. If you do not know, virus strength is by far the most critical factor in success or failure in the hacking minigame, and a high enough strength can render all sites trivially easy to complete.

However, at the time of this videos release, many ignored it. ARC is still relatively unknown among the powerblocks of New Eden, in spite of its immense notoriety. Their series entitled “The Discourse” is this players’ group very impressive attempt to fill the gap the Scope left behind by merging in-game and lore news into one outlet. CCP even clued us in that this video was important, as they released their own news article about their report, written by none other than Lina Ambre of the Scope. In this case in particular they were signaling to us that a new challenge had been placed into the game: a treasure hunt.

Discovering ‘Blackglass’

In the system of Lanngisi SoE has placed a new monument to our efforts in Project Discovery. This site ostensibly showcases some of the new “propaganda sites” CCP have talked about introducing for us in the new structure system. Upon warping to the site you are informed that “there appears to be an open Entosis Link port on this structure.” When you entosis the site you can receive a report detailing the top capsuleer researchers who helped with Phase One of Project Discovery. However, what is interesting to the treasure hunter is the other items that can be gained, including five tissue samples; one from each race, including the Jove.

a clue to the first of the two remaining mysterious items required

The main reason this is important is that each of these samples are key ingredients of the new ‘Blackglass’ hacking implant. Secondarily however, within the descriptions lie a clue to the first of the two remaining mysterious items required to build the implant, namely that of the Recovered Radioactive Materials” and “Biomechanical Interface Data”.

While it is true that the clues given are very hard for the average person to puzzle out, I think it is important to not spoil too much. If you need more information, or get stuck, EVE Uni has provided a full walkthrough on how to find the two remaining sites.

Some important things to know:

  • One of the sites is in lowsec, which is overwatched at the moment by a Freeported EVE-Scout Astrahus
  • All told, it will take you at least 50 jumps, several through lowsec
  • Sites can also drop Fedos and Garbage, so it may take multiple cycles
  • The other sites are not new, and they have both been covered previously on EVE Travel
  • The blueprint is found in the final site, along with the last item required.

we are finally seeing a PvP application for hacking

All of this comes just before the release of Upwell 2.0, and with it we are finally seeing a PvP application for hacking. Savvy hackers will be able to use their hacking skills to gain valuable intelligence about enemy structures. Quality hacking, and quality hacking equipment, will only become more important. The journey to build one’s own ‘Blackglass’ may serve as either a pilgrimage for new explorers, or perhaps someone will attempt to create a bottleneck, which can then be fought over.

What is striking however, is the background information behind this. The use of entosis for this has both game mechanic and lore implications. Since its inception, entosis has been used to interface with other structures, but only the Jove outposts. This addition shows that CCP is willing to continue to use the entosis as an “interaction” mechanic, much like someone “searching the room” in a traditional RPG.

Entosis has a somewhat sinister origin in the lore however, and functionally involves projecting our brain into foreign computer systems. The idea that the Sisters would use this mechanic to not only intentionally distribute their own leaflets, but also this secret code is troubling. Historically, the Sisters have been antagonistic against capsuleers, but recently we have more and more clues that there are factions within the SoE, and they may be secretly arming us to prepare for the threats to come. It would seem that above all else, the SoE want to hide their movements, and releasing a new implant encoded in a public launch of a monument is just the kind of thing the Sisters get up to. Additionally, make sure to add ARC’s “The Discourse” to your watch list.

Either way, this new implant, and the journey to reach it, is a welcome gift to all intrepid explorers. Happy hunting out there.


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