New Eden Story Time Episode 8 – with Raiden Harmann and Scaredpanda


Welcome back for another NESTCast! I’m joined this week by Raiden Harmann and Scaredpanda, and we’re talking about the 72 hour EVEathon charity event! Over $35,000 was raised in support of the Ablegamers charity! Also, big ups to Rahne Chocolate, who played a huge part in getting this put together. I lost her episode when my external hard drive died on me, but she’s super awesome!

Guest: Raiden Harmann and Scaredpanda, (in absentia) Rahne Chocolate

Dowload NEST Episode 8 with guest Raiden Harmann and Sadpanda


Music:  “i” by Kendrick Lamar

You can learn more about the Able Gamers charity at their website.

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