New Eden Story Time Episode 2


The conclusion of the Hole Riders drama is here!  I sit down with the former directorate of Hole Riders plus Tikkirei to discuss the final battle and vindication for the Beans.  Grab yourself a beverage and strap in!

  • Featured Guests:
  • Tikkirei
  • Johnny Trousersnake
  • Lost Causes

New Eden Story Time Episode 2


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Viciate primarily considers himself a nullsec PvP enthusiast, making up for his lack of finesse with brute force. He is a member of MCAV, but he still thinks frigates are pretty cool.

  • ExHR

    I like this one as well as the first one. I think it’s missing the other point of view. Cuz not all hr were beholden to Krebs. We had built something that we didn’t want torn down. Mistakes were made, but in the end most of us ended up in a better place anyways.

  • Dartias

    Great podcast! Easily one of the best times I’ve ever had in New Eden, and it’s cool to hear some other perspectives / get some outside views of everything that went down. If you enjoyed this podcast (and the awesome first episode as well) you might also like the Eve Film I made about it as well (sorry for the shameless plug, Viciate…I’ve also linked your podcast in the video description to share the love!) –

  • Ulm

    Hey I really loved listening to this story, I was wondering if you’d heard the story of Fredegar Hohenstaufen Corporation, lots of shit hit the fan and a corp of 1000 newbro’s imploded in the space of 3 months, if you’re planning on going down the corp/alliance implosion route this is definitely a story you should look into.