New Eden Story Time – Episode 1


Hi, my name is Viciate and I’m the host of New Eden Story Time! On the inaugural episode of the N.E.S.T podcast, I sit down with friend and former corp-mate Tikkirei to discuss the dubious deeds of Hole Riders, the clashes within the group, and the events that ultimately led up to the corporation’s demise.  Also, be sure to tune in to our next episode for the conclusion!


New Eden Story Time  – Episode 1


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About the author


Viciate primarily considers himself a nullsec PvP enthusiast, making up for his lack of finesse with brute force. He is a member of MCAV, but he still thinks frigates are pretty cool.

  • Dixie

    I think this could be a pretty cool series. Really enjoyed listening to this, keep it up!!

  • NN

    That was quite good but I have one complaint…
    You need to link your music choices man, I want that on my playlist

  • ExHR

    Hey Viciate.

    I joined HR just as you guys came back from the first eviction, and I stayed until the end.

    I’d like to thank you for being as neutral as you were about it.

    Thanks for the great story.
    Can’t wait to hear what happened to us 😉