So I was sat spinning my ship last night out in Okagaiken where -A- are currently deployed when a Banana Fleet advert went up, due to be FCed by none other than Junior SVK. For those of you not in the know, Banana Fleet is basically Oracles with a bunch of support including Stabber Fleet Issues (for those of us without leet lazor skillz), Intys, Dictors, Logi, etc. It’s a brawling sort of fleet where you want to get in close and slug it out and it requires a disciplined and calm FC and a bunch of pilots prepared to follow primaries.


Anyway, fleet was quickly formed up and we had a ragtag group of ~110 pilots ready to go out and sniff around for a fight. Rumour was that Zagdul was floating around with a bunch of Alpha Maels up in deepest, darkest Cloud Ring somewhere. Out we went and flew out towards 6RCQ-V direction for a good while before we caught a sniff of FA. They ran through one of their nearby jump bridges and scarpered. Upset at the blueball, we incapped the JB and started to think about heading back. We got to 8R-RTB when we had word that the opposing fleet had somehow encircled us and were back in PPG-XC. We headed to the gate and waited there for a bit before we had word they had moved off the gate. We jumped in, they started landing on us and we bubbled up.

The result was a massacre. Whilst we did have a slight numbers advantage, the fact remains that throwing Alpha Maels against Oracles at ~30km is never going to work out well. It was a tense fight as we kept on expecting our numbers to take a tumble but it never happened. I barely had time to get a group of guns from my Stabber onto the primary before it melted.

I don’t know what Zagdul was thinking really. Either he made a horrendous mistake thinking his Maels could brawl with Oracles at that sort of range, completely misjudging the potential outcome, or he thought ‘fuck it, let’s get my fleet a fight’. The latter is entirely commendable – I have been in too many fleets where we have tiptoed around for hours when really I’d rather we had jumped into a fight for a bit of excitement even with the odds against us. Even so, I’d imagine that hurt.

Anyway, with fifty-odd KMs and around 13b worth of damage done personally, I headed back to Oka and tucked up for the night a very satisfied pilot. Major props to both Junior SVK and our Logi pilots who held up magnificently throughout the scrap.

And that should be the end of the story. Except I found out this morning when I got up that FA decided they fancied going for revenge. This worked out well for them. You can only rub a dog’s nose in it so many times…

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