Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 23: Post CSM Summit Talks


Post Summit talks

On this, the 23rd fateful episode of The Mind Clash Podcast, Kael goes AWOL while Meredudd holds it down. He is joined by Jin’taan who is a member of the current CSM team, along with Commander Aze who is a CSM 12 hopeful, and Asterothi and Orion Sa-Solo. All returning guests and favorites of the show. We talk about all the fun stuff that happened in Iceland last week at the second summit of CSM 11, and discuss the hopes for changes to EVE Online in the coming months. The show wouldn’t be as great of course without number one fan Buesing joining us as Magnus Carrell.

Intro is Blast by CPT Blastahoe

Outro is  Below the Airhorns by Nick Fuzzeh

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