The two most prominent bloggers in Eve have written opinion pieces expressing their thoughts far more eloquently than I ever could. While I agree with pretty much everything they have to say, the main argument against them is they are not personally invested in any potential war between the CFC vs HBC. Well I am, so I’m going to chip in with my two cents.

Nullsec (or at least, northern nullsec) is boring at the moment. I have stated this on the last couple of episodes of CZ and it is worth reiterating. There is PvP but it’s the kind of fighting which has no meaning. When you join a fleet you are PvPing with absolutely zero purpose. I am not alone in holding this opinion. You lose a ship, it doesn’t matter because hey, you’ll be given it back in reimbursement. Nullsec needs the shake up that a major war would bring just to give the rank-and-file something to do.


The propaganda machine tells us the average PvP grunt wouldn’t want weeks and months of sov grind. They automatically presume that a war between one side and the other would mean removing them from every single system they own. The quote figures like 160 billion HP worth of structure to burn through, all the time ignoring the fact that, really, each side only controls two key systems. Seriously, Goonswarm quoting HP figures to dissuade people from war. This is a thing which has happened on Kugu of all places.

The propaganda machine tells us that TEST are our friends. Why would we want to shoot our friends? If you can’t shoot friends in an internet spaceships game then sit in Iceland and have a beer with them afterwards, you weren’t really great friends to begin with. It’s a fucking game. And it’s a boring fucking game at the moment.

The propaganda machine tells us this absolutely isn’t about tech. Goonswarm

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