Luobote Kong – Staff Writer


(pronounced Lob Ott-er) Currently an employee of the Garoun Investment Bank in a minor administrative role by day. By night he mutates into a full on casual carebear capsuleer. A jack of all trades that barely masters exploration. He has had a difficult journey since he became a capsuleer in 2012. Kicked from Eve University for non attendance in his youth and being involved in numerous failed commercial projects has left its mark. He is suspicious of the authority and the ISK making imperative that pervades our universe. It truth, he is an underachiever, but for now he picks his own solitary way through New Eden. He is fascinated by the violence and politics but prefers to just observe it and find alternative ways to meet his objectives in all parts of space. In his spare time he has been known to blog and make music.

About the author

Luobote Kong

For reasons that are not entirely clear, Luobote Kong is an anachosyndiclist carebear explorer. Born in 2013, he can be found, or perhaps smouldering bits of him can be found in any part of New Eden. Yet to kill anyone, he wonders if New Eden was the solution, then what was the problem? He occaisionally puts his findings into words or music.