Lowlife: The Garmur

An uneasy calm has settled on lowsec of late. The silence before the storm of EVE Online’s Kronos release sees alliances prepare in anticipation of what is to come. On comms, via mail, on forums and in chat channels opportunities are identified and strategies discussed. Lowsec dwellers have a lot to be excited about, but one thing has us collectively salivating; The Mordu’s Legion Garmur frigate.

Forlorn evaluations

Following Forlorn Wongraven’s piece on the Mordu’s Legion ships we had some discussions amongst the staff, more specifically I disagreed with Forlorn’s analysis of the Garmur. He argued that it would be a poor choice for solo PvP due to low DPS and his fit ostensibly suggested a fleet interceptor role. He also assumed offgrid Tengu boosts for solo work, something I found to be grossly misrepresenting of the reality for most solo pilots. Granted, Forlorn and I are looking at this from different angles that will affect the engagement profile, so consider this the lowsec perspective. My first reaction upon seeing the stats was the exact opposite; the Garmur is an excellent solo ship as well as being well suited for small gang warfare. We’re going to be going over some possible fittings for this wicked beauty and discuss the tactics involved.

Anatomy of a killer

The first line of pirate ships to sport missiles; the Mordu’s special ability is their bonus to warp scrambler and disruptor range. These two qualities in combination with speeds just shy of Angel Cartel ships make for a potent brew that the Garmur stands to take full advantage of. Let’s start off by looking at the base stats. Caldari Frigate Bonus per level: 25% bonus to missile damage Gallente Frigate Bonus per level: 10% bonus to warp scrambler and warp disruptor range Role Bonus: 200% bonus to missile velocity 50% penalty to missile flight time Slot layout: 3H, 4M, 3L; 0 turrets, 3 launchers Fittings: 38 PWG, 178 CPU Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 680 / 590 / 560 Capacitor (amount / cap/sec) : 400 / 2.05 Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 415 / 3.2 / 987000 / 4.38s Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0 Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 28km / 650 / 5 Sensor strength: 13 Signature radius: 32 One thing that has some people confused is the role bonus. What this translates to is a buff to range and faster damage application. All missiles generally suffer from moving targets because they tail them rather than intercept, meaning that they must cover the distance a target has moved away from the ship firing the missile or rocket as well as the initial range when they were fired. The Garmur’s role bonus shortens the gap between firing and damage application by making the missiles twice as fast. This is critically important when it comes to rockets. They would have been next to useless in conjunction with the bonus to warp scrambler range otherwise. Although there are a myriad of viable fittings for the Garmur we’ll be looking at some baseline fits for specific roles.


Garmur AB solo This fit uses the Garmur’s missile velocity bonus, increased point range and good speed for scram kiting (kiting within warp scrambler range) in solo situations. Rocket launchers combined with small hydraulic bay thrusters ensure that it can apply 168 DPS within its 16.2 km warp scrambler range (overheated). The nanofiber internal structure, full tackle and natural speed augmented by an afterburner mean that the ship is very good at dictating range once it has a target within 16.2 km. The pivotal strategic component with this fit is getting the target within 16.2 km to apply the scram. From there the Garmur should be able to control range against most ships, comfortably orbiting at ~13-14 km. The web is there to either reset to that range or hold a closer range as needed, depending on the engagement profile of the opponent. The fit has a weakness against true kiters using a MWD, but even then the kiter opponent must be skillful as any Garmur pilot worth their salt will attempt to slingshot within 16.2 km range (while switching to Javelin rockets that have a 26.2 km range), at which point the kiter is toast. Speaking of kiters…


Garmur kite Given the nature of the ship and its bonuses the Garmur is a natural kiter. It has the speed, damage application and battlefield control needed to get the job done. A regular T2 warp disruptor will apply point at 36km cold, and at an impressive 43 km (this is also the maximum targeting range for the fit) when overheated, allowing for easy kiting. Even faster ships will have to slowly close range with 131 DPS slamming into them. The dual small ASB’s provide a flexible tank where one is working while the other reloads. Both can be switched on in an emergency but when those booster charges run out the pilot better have a celestial targeted to get their pod out. As with all (well, most) kiters this fit lives and dies by it’s MWD, although the extended point range should make it easier to stay out of warp scrambler range.


Garmur MWD fleet With small gang warfare in mind the Garmur is well positioned to act as both fleet tackle and DPS in the same ship. The extended scrambler is every FC’s wet dream, and with skillful piloting the Garmur pilot should be able to either apply the webifier to hold a target for the fleet or use it to avoid enemy tackle or capacitor neutralizers, while it holds point on target. Unlike turret ships this fit will be able to apply optimal DPS to a primary target as soon as it is within range, and unlike other missile platforms that DPS will be applied quickly.

Pushing the envelope

Experienced PvPers might also want to consider dual-prop kiter killers or 10mn AB setups. Plenty of variations are possible with this range oriented ship, the fits above only cover some basic ideas. One thing is for certain; everyone is excited to get their hands on the Garmur and push this black devil to its utmost limits.
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