Wormholes have their own code of honor. I know, there are plenty of people who laugh at the thought but it’s true. It has developed organically, through the encouragement of guys at the top, and kicking out the guys at the bottom, providing content for those who crave it. This weekend, a large wormhole alliance – Red Coat Conspiracy – was sieged inside its home by the combined forces of Lazerhawks and Blood Union. While the details are still shaking out, it’s clear that Lazerhawks, one of the new kids on the block, has become a formidable force in the short time since its creation. The Lazerhawks corporation was formed a few months ago, out of the ashes of Lead Farmers, who fell apart early this year. Hidden Fremen, the current CEO of Lazerhawks, was part of the leadership of Kill it with Fire. “I did say, as I left LFARM, that I wanted to see if I can bring us back up to the top.” KILL was one of the largest wormhole alliances, and separated into a number of different factions: Hard Knocks, a corporation that parted with the alliance; Lead Farmers, the old executor that remains as a much smaller entity; Black Legion, which accepted a number of the older pilots; and Lazerhawks. Hidden Fremen had the following to say: “Lead Farmers leadership went away. Be it real life or getting burned out, they decided to take it down a notch and get back to casual gameplay…It was expressed that if some roles weren’t doled out to keep the corp running, AU, then NA would leave. We left. I started Lazerhawks with lessons learned and am extremely pleased with the results.”  Lazerhawks have put in consecutive months of ISK destruction that have rivaled their older, more established relatives. They have done all of this very much as insiders to what amounts to the wormhole community. In essence, what we have today is a code that is set by the strongest entities and imposed on the weaker. First: play by the rules. Wormhole organizations have an ability to close ranks quickly if the correct situation presents itself. Second: fight, don’t farm. Third: do not siege out the corporations that fight. This is by nature ephemeral – it changes as the enforcers decide it should change. Much of the taunts, discussion, and diplomacy regarding evictions usually centers around how much or how little the previous rules have been broken by everyone involved. Fremen makes it clear that this eviction was not his plan and that Lazerhawks were brought in for timezone coverage. That doesn’t stop him from disparaging his enemies, though. 2009-12-27-22-16-53 Indeed, Hidden Fremen was quick to point out that in the siege of Red Coat Conspiracy, “[Our allies] don’t evict PvP corps or alliances.” Referencing his own killboard, he states, “we’ll fight anyone.” He’s not exaggerating. It’s clear this is an organization built from the ground up by a man who has seen an alliance fail, and is confident in the final goal. “The biggest thing is that we don’t give a fuck if we’re liked or not. We’re creating content for our members, whether we win or lose.” In truth, they do little else but win, although this story has up to this point been that of the underdog coming into it’s own. As of press time well over 70 billion in assets have been destroyed in Red Coat’s home system. As for Lazerhawks, Hidden Fremen says they will remain shooting ships and creating wormhole content, without any grand schemes for himself or his corporation. According to him, “I’m happy with where we’re at now. Aspiring to reach the top is a silly venture, in the end.” Or, perhaps he’s already there.
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