Legacy Episode 2 – With CCP Guard


It’s time for another episode of Legacy, THE Eve Online podcast for all capsuleers. In this episode Ohtakashawa joins me to receive our special guest, all the way from Iceland, CCP Guard.

Legacy Episode 2 – With CCP Guard


  • Tyrant Scorn


  • CCP Guard
  • Ohtakashawa


  • CCP Guard at CCP
  • 3RD Party ISK Making Ban
  • Permaband
  • CSM Election
  • Shoutouts
Tags: CCP Guard, legacy, Oh Takashawa, tyrant scorn

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Tyrant Scorn

Tyrant Scorn, probably the only real Scavenger left in wormhole space. With his videos and his podcast he tries to educate and inform the playerbase of EVË Online. Next to his YouTube channel, Tyrant Scorn is also the host of the new podcast EVE Online Legacy.