Join the Crossing Zebras Team!

Do you write or make videos about EVE Online and think you have something that could be appreciated by a greater audience? Perhaps you’ve never even written about EVE, but think you have what it takes? Well, this is your lucky day – Crossing Zebras is hiring! For those of you who have been following CZ over the past year have noticed how the site has grown in all manner of ways. We have expanded our coverage of EVE Online, talking about everything from meta game and politics down to hands-on PVP and fitting, and all the good stuff in between.

Who are you?

We believe that you are passionate about EVE Online, but especially so about a certain aspect. Perhaps you’re crazy about lore, nullsec politics or trade and business, maybe you’re into large-scale fleet command or exploration – it can be anything. The most important thing is that you have a flare for writing / creating video on the subject in a way that engages and interests readers / viewers. You need to be engaged with the community, inherently creative, able to come up with your own ideas and material, while at the same time be open to editing and ideas from our editors. You also need to be reliable and communicative. You will of course be paid for your hard work in ISK. The more quality material you create, the better you will earn. Does this sound like something for you? Give it a shot! Send in a submission consisting of 800-2000 words or a short video to Good Luck! Niden Editor-In-Chief

About the author


12 year EVE veteran, Snuffed Out scumbag, writer, graphic artist, producer, Editor-in-Chief of Crossing Zebras and the second most influential player in EVE, according to EVE Onion.