Tools of the Enemy – Cpt Patrick Archer’s Rattlesnakes


This is the start of what I hope to make a series of interviews with FCs, on everything from how they started to FC, to how to fly a doctrine they have a particular fondness for. This should give everyone an insight on just how different FCs operate, and the tips and tricks they all use to dominate the battlefield, as well as some of the weaknesses their style entails. Today I talk to CPT Patrick Archer about his life in New Eden, and how he uses Rattlesnakes as a fleet doctrine!


Tags: Jin'taan, tools of the enemy

About the author


Jin'taan has had a long and somewhat varied career in EvE, starting just after the release of Tyrannis and pretty much never stopping. Currently he resides within CVA and the Providence region, having considerable experience with both FCing and (poorly) solo PvPing under their banner.