Jin’talks – The “Million Dollar Fight” of 9-4


So, I’ve been working on a retrospective of the most publicised battle in recent times, as I felt it was a fascinating subject that never really got talked about in game terms. I’m hoping that this will help people understand what mechanics were at work, the geography and politics, and most especially the on-grid tactics at play here. If you enjoy this X’s and O’s style breakdown, please let me know!


The battle of course, never reached the $1m pricetag it was originally pegged with, but given the background and intent here, I don’t think that it was ever likely to get there. Still, as I’ll explore here, it’s not like it was a completely pointless show of force, and Goons & PanFam now effectively share a border, making any future political tension between the two even more likely to escalate. All that and more is covered in the video!



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About the author


Jin'taan has had a long and somewhat varied career in EvE, starting just after the release of Tyrannis and pretty much never stopping. Currently he resides within CVA and the Providence region, having considerable experience with both FCing and (poorly) solo PvPing under their banner.