Jin’talks – The Blue Donut War – Waking the Dragon


A fake coup. A war on two fronts. 1T ISK Destroyed and a Keepstar down. Invading the Russians in winter. All of this and more is signalling the start of what could be the war that keeps New Eden turning until the end of 2017, and with the Moon & station changes on the horizon, every system counts! Find out about all of that – and more – in my latest update.



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Jin'taan has had a long and somewhat varied career in EvE, starting just after the release of Tyrannis and pretty much never stopping. Currently he resides within CVA and the Providence region, having considerable experience with both FCing and (poorly) solo PvPing under their banner.

  • Freelancer117

    Providence got some f2p time from Fozzie and Rise for 2017, next year game on though :p

  • DaniĆ«l van den Hoek

    Your BR at 9:00 doesn’t make sense at all..

    How are TRI, PH, MOA, Skill Urself and ChaosTheory on the same side as XIX whie they were attacking them?