Jin’talks – The Blue Donut War – The Death of a Phoenix


Thanks for your patience everyone, this video should get us right back to the present day, covering a whirlwind of events that rocked the landscape in the south, and saw the first coalition death of the war as Phoenix Federation disintegrated. FCON and a few alliances live to see the fight on, but the south won’t be the same for a good while.

In order to get the low-down on the action I talked to Garst & Tarkinus, the leaders of TRI and FCON respectively, in order to get their first hand perspectives on what happened and what’s to come!

In addition to all this, the war continues to spread and we take a look at the “Middle East” theatre of Etherium Reach, whilst documenting the back-and-forth between the DRF and GOTG in the North, which doesn’t look to be going as fast as the initial push may have suggested.



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Jin'taan is the wearer of a great many hats, being an FC, solo PvPer, dumb suit connoisseur, member of the CSM, political commentator and prolific producer of interviews. Currently, he resides within Test Alliance Please Ignore.

  • Andrew Scott

    Good work as usual Jin’Taan

  • Jim Wax

    Unsurprisingly biased version of the war. As a disappointed ex-FCON’s line member, those are my objections:

    1. Minor strategic objectives weren’t won by TRI either. Apart of removing that Fort (anchored in their own sov btw) they were unable of actually making a dent on FCON’s sov till the very last week of war (systems in inmensea and tenerifis being temporaly reinforced, then recovered again once and again). Both Sotiyo and Fort were down by a mixed fleet of FRA, TRI + Red alliance (AKA the never-blue-donut).

    By the other side, TEST was nowhere to be seen during most part of the war -just 3rdpartying @REB’s battle- , PH’s merc help was quite symbolic and when DRF appeared, TRI had theirs asses handed to them (machas battle @ QN-)

    2. Mentioning personal events of evacuation as meaningful is a fallacy. That titan KM at 4G was an AFK, and the supercarrier caught on a gate while failed to warp his cyno alt, while we suffered more losses against WHers than versus most TRI fleets.
    There was a cute YOLO attitude on many individuals (falling to blatant baits, FCs not asking to +1 in StratOps, Supers deploying on their own, etc) that didn’t help much either.

    3. As any line member could say, there was NO “infighting nor fingerpointing”. There was no feeling of threat for a long time, and besides our leadership’s behaviour I’d say there was a solid fighting spirit, at least on a certain degree. Our numbers, to be honest, weren’t bigger because they never were, nor even when PL deployed on our SOV last winter.

    4. FCON’s defeat can be explained by a lack of leadership, little or nore communication between commanders and line members, and a quite lazy fighting discipline between alliance members and blues. Those symptons were obvious to anyone in the alliance quite a long time before this war, and they weren’t due to TRI doing this or that. Indeed, the pretty hysteric TRI’s propaganda pointed to a feeling of urge that our members never had. Our guys, mostly didn’t gave a shit about that SOV nor their assets, as the many capitals selfdestructing @4G- undock can proof. It was, in short, not a morale issue, but a long-earned habit.

    5. To my eyes, TRI’s merits were heavy cloakycamping (about 25-30 systems permacamped for months) gatecamping (they were easily duckhunting ceptors and capsules for days) and a solid devotion on timers and JBs. Maybe their biggest success was knowing FCON’s was the only achievable war they could fight on, and fully commit to it. They displayed low-sec pvp tactics and they prooved this enough to shake our sov, making Immensea and Tenerifis a pretty interesting addition to lowsec space area.

    Good job anyway trying to make clear this part of EVE’s story and for asking both parts for their oppinions. Keep it up!