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So, between fleets and scouring every source I can for information on the goings on in the political side of New Eden, I like to indulge myself in a bit of Factional Warfare solo PvP. It’s something I can do on my own, hone the skills I use in other areas of the game, and all whilst doing my bit for the glory of the Amarr Empire – what’s not to love?

The only problem for me has always been the cost, and that’s why I typically stick to frigates, but I’ve never found a T1 frigate I really enjoyed flying. Until now. So sit back, and let me tell you all the lessons I learnt on my week long love affair with the Atron in FW. A frigate where 90% of what you need to do is the bare fundamentals of module and heat management, and can go toe to toe with pretty much anything out there.




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Jin'taan is the wearer of a great many hats, being an FC, solo PvPer, dumb suit connoisseur, member of the CSM, political commentator and prolific producer of interviews. Currently, he resides within Test Alliance Please Ignore.

  • Jack

    It must be the Implants and the boosters. There is no way you can kill decent players flying dual rep Breachers, Hookbill, even the weak Rifter. I very rarely lost Rifters to Atrons..

    I’m a casual solo PVP and the use of boosters and implants is really tedious for me. I’d rather die and quickly fly another ship then warping my clone home and going tough all that stuff..

    • Richard Graham

      breacher lacks a range bonus, neutron atron can just sit outside rocket range and plink them to death. hookbill depends on fit but they can definitely be beat. rifter is actually just a fat atron with a utility high. fact is atron is easily a top 3 FW t1 frig, I only put it behind tormentor tbh

  • Zoe Fishpants

    Nice video, but I think, unfortunately, that you’ve locked yourself into a single strategy in a ship that is capable a great deal of versatility. The ship has a magnificent falloff bonus that allows you to project damage anywhere within scram range. There is no need to try to win a dps race with an incursus when you can apply damage reliably from beyond the range where it can reliably hit you and lacks the speed to catch you. There is no need to let yourself get neuted out by a Tristan when you can apply dps from beyond neut range. Let him neut himself out instead. There is no need to take significant rocket damage from a breacher when you can use your speed and range to mitigate it.

    The atron excels at damage mitigation, but that requires using the entire engagement range you have available to you. I use null as my default ammo, switching to AM for ships with long range weapons and void for cruisers.

    You can bump the cap up to nearly two minutes with a semiconductor memory cell really expanding the engaging profile and making fights against things like T3ds and cruisers much more winnable.

    Finally, fighting small frigate gangs is entirely realistic and should not be avoided. You have to use much more of the grid and much more patience than one would normally think of using in a blaster ship. Its speed and damage application make it completely viable to fight 3 or 4 frigates and hold the field.

  • Angel Daemon.

    5 cents from an alpha point of view.
    All of the stuff used is tier II, except the hull. If you add up the costs its actually a lough to save money on a hull if the fit is 1000% the cost of the hull. So that doesn’t make any sense except for the “bragging rights” of engaging stuff with a “T1 hull”.
    From a practical pov it provides one advantage because ppl may not expect some random Atron to be fully T2 rigged + implants and drugs.
    The video is only showing how to use a full T2 fit with an active rep/attack frigate.
    A T1 meta fitted setup, more in line with the hull will be no where near dps or rep wise.