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Eve is a different game from most in that the best content you are likely experience isn’t generated by CCP at all. We are lucky in the Eve community to have so many people out there willing to go out of their way in terms of time and ISK to create amazing experiences for you throughout New Eden. We’ve even had a stab at it ourselves with moderate success…

In the month of January, two key members of the community have a couple of MASSIVE events planned and trust me when I say you are going to want to check them both out. I’ll be home and I plan on taking part in both.

Red vs Blue has become something of an institution in the past four-and-a-bit years and roughly once a week, they take the RvB experience out into the wild with Ganked, a series of roams with guest FCs, crazy ship choices and a firm emphasis on fun! Organised by CSM8 member Mangala Solaris, 18th January brings a the centenary of the event – Ganked 100.


The event will be taking place somewhere in low-sec but the exact location won’t be announced until the day itself. The plan is, a number of individuals are going to be sat in the system in capitals. Everyone then wishing to take part can then head for the system and attack or defend the capitals as they wish! There are a huge number of prizes available donated from Mangala, some of the Ganked Regulars and Somer Blink. If you want to make a donation yourself, point your browser over to the Eve-O thread linked above. The RvB Ganked channel is your friend if you are after more information.

Take plenty of alcohol along with a good sense of humour and fun and Ganked 100 is liable to be an absolute hoot and a grand celebration of one of Eve’s best and most institutions!

Eight short days later, the fun continues! Pirate extraordinaire Rixx Javix is hosting a massive frigate FFA on 26th January, 16:00 – 22:00. And if your character is less than a year old, there are likely to be prizes in store! Stay Frosty have even put together a massive 6,000 fitted T1 frigates ready to hand out for free to all participants – all you need to do is turn up and ask for a ship, it’ll be handed out and ┬ájump into the chaos! As with Ganked 100, the exact location isn’t going to be announced until closer to the event itself – around 48 hours before to be precise.


Full rules and details can be found over at Evoganda here and I highly recommend joining the Stay Frosty FFA channel if you want more information.

See you all on the battlefield!

Fly safe,


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