Interviews: Elise Randolph and Grath Telkin

In celebration of CZ50, I took the opportunity to sit down with Pandemic Legion FC, Alliance Tournament pilot and commentator, former CSM and all-round chill dude, Elise Randolph as well as Sniggerdly CEO and the angriest man in Eve Online, the legendary Grath Telkin. The original plan was to interview them both together but the weather with Grath decided to put an end to that: B2Ft-xuCUAAI-KS So I had to make do with Elise alone and we sat down to discuss Phoebe, Rhea, sovereignty, what CCP are getting right, what they are getting wrong, the 0.0 meta and what this all means for Pandemic Legion. I’m biased but it’s a fascinating discussion on how nullsec is changing and how the leaders of a major 0.0 alliance deals with those changes for better or worse. Interview_ Elise Randolph _ CZ50.mp3 Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 22.34.01 While it looked like we had lost Grath to the weather, literally five minutes after I had finished recording with Elise, up he pops on Skype. Rather than miss the opportunity to chat with Grath, I sat down and asked him some of the same questions I had asked Elise and it’s cool to hear they different ways they answer even taking into account that they are both high-ranking members of the same alliance. Tonally a very different interview to Elise and fascinating to dissect what they agreed upon and where there were differences. Interview_ Grath Telkin _ CZ50.mp3 Thanks to both Grath and Elise for taking the time to talk to me around the amazing celebration that is CZ50!
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