Jin’terviews – Jay Maricadie


It’s time to sit down and talk to one of the most pre-eminent figures in the narrative of the Blue Donut War, and one of the original Casus Belli for the war itself, Jay Maricadie, and find out what being at the centre of this whirlwind of a conflict was like from ground zero. Join me as Jay tells his side of the story, one of betrayal, lies & strange bedfellows as the DRF attempted to consolidate power on its holdings, and protect its allies.



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Jin'taan has had a long and somewhat varied career in EvE, starting just after the release of Tyrannis and pretty much never stopping. Currently he resides within CVA and the Providence region, having considerable experience with both FCing and (poorly) solo PvPing under their banner.

  • kugusendsitsretards

    When the DRF selects its diplos they aren’t sending their best people, they’re sending schizos and patholigical liars, and some I assume are good people

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