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The Agency has been a point of an interest for me ever since CCP rolled it out. I have been tracking the Live Events all the way back to the original Blood Raiders Crimson Harvest and i have also wrote several times and made several videos analyzing the various events. Here’s the last summary i did of the recent Arms Race.

We have managed to snag some time from CCP Dragon, a relative newcomer to CCP, and interview him as he talks us through the Events project. I sat down with him to discuss the current Agency Events, as well as his process, to get a glimpse as to where it is all going.

Special thanks to CCP Dragon for agreeing to chat!

CCP Dragon – The Agency interview


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Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.

  • DireNecessity

    Interesting interview. CCP Dragon seems a reasonable and capable fellow. A few thoughts . . .

    In addition to being outreach from CCP to players, I’m also struck by how interviews like this can provide feedback to CCP. The fact that you have a longer history with EVE than Dragon (recalling live events he had limited or no knowledge of) highlights how much of a resource long term players can be if they avoid bitter flame out. I don’t say this to slight CCP Dragon – everybody begins somewhere.

    I was also interested in the time horizon Dragon has in mind. He seemed to be thinking a good year or year and one half to get this batch of content tools into shape. Many players seem congenitally able to think over such time scales meaning we’ll probably have one or two good “Rabble, rabble, CCP’s abandoned this!” outbreaks before things are done (see bitter flame out above).

    I was especially interested to hear that at the moment events are coming out quicker than the ability to iterate on them. Accordingly, we won’t really see iteration on Event A until Event C and we won’t see iteration on Event B until Event D. There’s nothing wrong with this, I’d prefer more events than less, but if you’re a player trying to track the evolution it’s a bit hard to follow. I presume CCP’s able to keep track.

  • Freelancer117

    Ccp acknowledging they are spawning ships out of thin air in loot boxes…

    And it ruining the player run economy and nobody says this is Bullshite.

    /me facedesks