Interview: Pandemic Legion in Fountain


What with myself and Jeg being run-of -the-mill Gentlemen’s Agreement grunts, a lot of the conversation we have on CZ tends to be from a CFC perspective. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing Fountain on the show and the blog but despite Sindel’s best efforts on CZ27, we really haven’t had someone on the show yet who could discuss things from the other side.

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Sindel hooked a brother up though with renowned Pandemic Legion FC Hedliner and Logistics Director PhalanxIII. Giving the general null-sec community a rare look into the inside workings of PL during a major campaign, Hedliner and Phalanx are very open and honest on a wide array of topics. Questions vary from TEST’s performance in the war so far to what relevant it was when CFC ‘bought’ Black Legion to the current financial insecurities of all the major players in this war, particularly TEST and PL themselves. It’s rare to get this level of honesty and forthrightness and what we end up with is some fascinating discussion as well as a little speculation on how this current conflict could end.


Oh, and of course, we couldn’t let things go without bringing up the whole ‘Kings of Low Sec‘ thing 😉 Hope you enjoy this – feel free to drop any questions or comments below.

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