Interview: EOC TV

As an Eve player, I love creating videos that show off certain cool (and sometimes unknown) aspects of the game. I like to make my videos feel as cinematic as I can so they normally take a little but longer than usual, but give me a great deal of satisfaction when i upload and share them with the community. So when I saw the prospect for a dedicated Eve Online video website I leaped straight to it! On Monday 31st August i had a new follower Twitter by the name of “EOC TV”. When I looked further into it, it certainly looked like a promising website for the community. I followed @EOC_TV back and expressed my interest in the site. On September 2nd I was able to interview one of the founders to talk about this exciting new project. Listen to the interview

About the author

General Stargazer

General Stargazer has been around since 2003 and served in corporations in almost every type in the universe. He has a keen interest in Eve developing story through live events and background in the lore. His pass time in Eve now is more of community interaction, documentation and video making.