Interview: Bacchanalian / Extra-Life Event

The list of people I’d love to have on CZ at some point is large and distinguished. This week I was very pleased to remove one famed tournament pilot and commentator from the list. Bacchanalian is running a charity event this year to support sick kids in hospital and CCP have pledged to double whatever anyone (especially you Eve players) donates up to the value of $5,000 for a potential total of $10,000. His plan is to spend 24 hours gaming non-stop on 25th October and part of that day will be spent sacrificing an officer-fit Nyx somewhere in New Eden, streaming the event as it happens. I sat down for a wee interview to Bacch to discuss how this all came about, why CCP came on board and what exactly he plans to do for all our pledges! Interview_ Bacchanalian _ Extra-Life Event.mp3 1388559   To donate to this fantastic cause, please point your browser to Extra-Life here: To watch Bacch during his 24-hour gaming marathon, you can follow his Twitch stream on 25th October here: Remember that every single dollar / pound / euro you donate up to $5,000 will be matched by CCP so dig deep – every penny counts and it is a fantastic cause! Fly safe, Xander
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