Insider Information – Offshoring & Owning Structures


Bet you didn’t expect to see this so soon, eh? Here’s episode 2 of the Insider Information series, where I – a clueless outsider to the world of trading and EVE’s economy – try and break down various aspects of EVE’s economic metagame for us all to enjoy, along with my guide and SCC swamp native; Caleb Aryania.


Today, I take aside Jeronica, founder of EVE-Mogul, runner of many structures & proud member of a protection racket with Pandemic Horde, and ask him about offshoring, and just why anyone would want to own structures in hisec!



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Jin'taan is the wearer of a great many hats, being an FC, solo PvPer, dumb suit connoisseur, member of the CSM, political commentator and prolific producer of interviews. Currently, he resides within Test Alliance Please Ignore.

  • AkrasjelLanate

    Waiting for more.

    Don’t thing CCP will consider removing NPC stations in high sec really, it may backfire hard.

  • Tash-Murkon

    If CCP removed NPC stations, EVE would be dead in a week. And that would then probably be for the better.

    Citadels are a major nuisance, they offer no enjoyable features or gameplay elements, and they suffocate and kill off loads of content that happened on a regular basis in the past (for instance, an alliance moving to a new home). Not to mention that mission runners would then be at the mercy of muppet structure owners who could scam them in ways that make it impossible to complete missions, keep all the rewards due to sudden tax increase, or unanchor structures just to screw with people.

    All in all: Structures are cancer, just like big blobs.

    • Tash-Murkon

      Or they forget to fuel the structure’s services.

      If for nothing else (and NETC was not good for anything else), the failure of NETC showed clearly what EVE in structures only mode would look like: Nothing but scams, fails, no usage, and dwindling population.

  • stuart hyatt

    Ok you can’t set up a Citadels by jita and do that offshoring. Because if you PH will war dec you.


    On the slightly off topic. I am really hopeful that once all (most) stations in New Eden are player owned, they do away with asset safety. Difficult to kill structure seems more appropriate if success is rewarded. Perhaps, loot crates, or player/corp holds get loot spewed across the system to be fought over. Just a spit ball. Loss man, bring back the loss. The doesn’t at all address the problem of a huge potential loss being tied to a tidi crap shoot.