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As the Alliance Tournament gets closer and I dive deeper into the meta of a small 125km bubble I disconnect myself from the usual EVE community. Finding a topic for my CZ article will get harder over the next months so I decided to use the power of twitter to find interesting topics. Seismic Stanwell known EVE blogger and member of #tweetfleet, starts with:


As a member of a small roaming alliance like Pandemic Legion there is always the chance of small gang PVP and daily action. I however lost interest in fast and immediate PVP over the years. When I started playing EVE I joined a small roaming corp led by internet friends, which was part of a roaming alliance called INTERDICTION, followed by Ushra‘Khan. During this time I roamed on a daily basis solo or in small ad-hoc ganks, sometimes for hours. I did not dock for weeks since I had a small group of alts with GSC anchored in space, and remote repair modules on support ships. Null was always active, anomalies were rare and people had to use belts and combat plexes to make ISK. There was always something to hunt – it was a golden time and I enjoyed those four years.

When CCP introduced Dominion and sov upgrades there were even more active players in system but finding targets became an issue at least for some time until anomalies were nerfed. While the mechanic allowed pilots to scan down ships in belts incredibly quickly, the old UI made it really hard to figure out which of the 25 anoms in the system has a ratting ship in it. Pilots had more time to avoid hunters and kill off scrambling NPC frigates before they could be pointed by capsuleers. At this time I started to lose interest in roaming – after some of the earlier battles I became more interested in large scale PVP. 140 jump roams to find a single Iteron on a gate no longer appealed. 3dd4b_markets

When I joined HABIT I had the chance to participate in those large scale fights and capital/supercapital operations. It also meant that waiting became a common thing, something I actually enjoy as long as you can chat to your corp and alliance members on comms. Contrary to common null sec alliances’ behavior pre-announced operations are very rare for Pandemic Legion. We rely on flash forms for everything unless it is a move op. So sometimes I don‘t get any chance to join a fleet for days, sometimes I get five hours of constant PVP or I stare at my login screen for hours. For me that is pure fun and enjoy good PVP when I can. When there is no opportunity for fights, I can do other stuff while waiting on IRC pings or do EVE related tasks semi-active. My best estimate would be that I spend about 20% of my active EVE time PVPing.

Most of the rest of my EVE time I spend looking at related forums and Pandemic Legion‘s IRC chatting with people. I also do all my personal and corp logistics in those quiet moments. As I plex my accounts I also have to keep an eye on developments and markets. Small announcements like this one from CCP Greyscale get me into turbo mode for a few days until I get bored and look for other non-PVP related content. I have to admit that I log into EVE to check my market orders and update skill queues every day. I usually do something in EVE, at least check for one of the great AFK mechanics in New Eden. I still enjoy EVE every day.
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